How to Fix PlayStation 5 ERROR code CE-117722-0|Helpful Guide

How to Fix PlayStation 5 ERROR code CE-117722-0|Helpful Guide

This article will shows you the complete helpful illustrated guide how to Fix PlayStation 5 Error CE-117722-0

The PlayStation 5 ERROR code CE-117722-0 or an error has occurred on the PlayStation Now streaming connection, many people facing this error what can we do to fix it? So I did some investigation did some digging and I kind of found a solution for like how to get this error fix

So this is mostly happening because of two reasons one your internet connection kind of sucks. So it's because you're probably using Wi-Fi and it's not enough download or upload speed or two

There's like an actual connection problem is just not having that direct connection with Sony or whatever you want to call it and it's you know, basically causing issues

Now the way you have to get this fixed is one of two things the first thing I would highly recommend you doing is when you go over to network make sure you are connected to the internet the right way

So what this means is either if you can have a wired connection to your PlayStation 5 then wi-fi itself is perfectly fine and It's good It's that Fast like a hundred download and upload 10,20 megabytes

Connection over wifi first make sure your frequency band is 5 gigahertz obviously, that would be a lot faster Make sure you connect it to the 5 G version of your router 

Once you do that unless you change your items to wired what you're gonna do is you're going to go to advanced settings and you going to change your DNS so for the first portion was to kind of like give you a stable connection to be able to play Playstation out

The second is if you're having like an issue itself with the server changing the DNS the primary to and the secondary to will help resolve this issue this should kind of want stabilize the connection increase the download speed to a certain degree if you using a good DNS server 

This should be like kind of resolving any error you're having this can happen most likely you might have just slow internet connection your router's too far or whatever having a wired connection is almost always the best case scenario

I would almost always recommend you just having the wire If not you can still connect to the Wi-Fi and then try these methods that I mentioned with the DNS and that should help. 

Any issues that you possibly having, that was essentially if you guys have any comments questions concerns, please let me know in the commentsđź‘Ť