How to Fix the PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-105799-1 or Unable to connect to the server


How to Fix the PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-105799-1 or Unable to connect to the server

So this is another unexpected error CE-105799-1 code that could come up when you're trying to connect to the PlayStation server, and we're going to know you how to fix this error code CE-105799-1

The first one I'm going to kind of recommend is it's a little interesting but restart PlayStation 5 to fix Error Code CE-105799-1 this one is a little bit different than the other ones because there's a possible bug that's creating Error CE-105799-1 kind of occurring to this network to be occurring this error 

If that doesn't help to fix error CE-105799-1 go back into the PlayStation 5 and check your PlayStation Network status, Make sure everything is obviously not down and it's still up to date if It's down to offline you're gonna have to wait it out and make sure the servers are updated and running and then you will be able to kind of good

If obviously everything is still up and you're facing error CE-105799-1 You have to go into set up internet connection and if you can then you connect to Wi-Fi switch over to length essentially have a wired connection setup into your PlayStation 5 rather than a Wi-Fi network it work a lot of times and fix error CE-105799-1 code this also fixes a lot of server issues

So I would highly recommend you to do that to fix error CE-105799-1 If you can't do that, it's fine which I'd like you to try next is click the option button and change the Wi-Fi frequency bands from automatic to 5 gigahertz, see if that works to fix error code CE-105799-1 if not, the 2.4 gigahertz if none of those work keep it back on automatic 

You can fix PS5 Error Code CE-105799-1 by click into the Wi-Fi network you are connected to now click into advanced settings in there,what you're going to do to fix error CE-105799-1 is you're going to change the DNS settings to manual and you're going to change the primary DNS to and at the secondary DNS to This will help alleviate and fix CE-105799-1 error or any issues you possibly have with the server and then you should be good to go

The only caveat there is if you are not within the U.S You might want to use a different DNS server because this is East Coast Pacific for the U.S, you can easily find fast and good DNS servers online and fix Error Code CE-105799-1 by good DND server,So you don't have to kind of like pay for any of this stuff you can quick Google search will find you the best ones

That's basically all you guys got to do to be able to fix that issue if you guys still have any comments please leave them on below comment box 👍