How to Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-107649-7 Or The Inserted Disc Contains Content That Is Different From The Installed Data

How to Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-107649-7 Or The Inserted Disc Contains Content That Is Different From The Installed Data

So this is an interesting peculiar error that happens is because that the disc you have inserted actually might contain additional data such as like DLC or like other form of add-on content,may be like vco coins and that's kind of different from the data already installed on your console

So again, there's a possibility that either You like downloaded data, let's say from the PlayStation store and then you're trying to install the disk so it's like a little different unlike how this can actually happen what you can actually do is one first kind of delete the game,delete all data related to that game

You can Fix PlayStation 5 Error code C-1076 49-7 or the inserted disc contains content that is different from the installed data by Deleting all the data of game

There's a couple of ways to do this you can either go over to the game itself and then just press the delete button and then like delete all the information from there

The second more preferable way is like go to settings go over to Storage go inside games and apps and delete it directly from here so this is probably like the more profitable way like over there, press the delete button and then delete the data and information from there

This is something weird that kind of happens the second entry thing that you might need to be like,what you need to do next is your save data itself might be possible to cause this error, so let's use this as an example you are playing Demon Souls 3 on your PlayStation 4 and you have the save data there and you've copied to save data over to the PlayStation 5 which you can via Cloud Storage level

I believe cloud storage. Yes. I've done that. But I don't know if you can do it via USB different topic, but let's just say you did it via cloud storage and your midi Demon Souls Dark Souls 3 data is now on your PlayStation 5 with the DLCs of one of those new DLC that they had like, I forgot what they're called and now but what you did is you copied you took the PlayStation 4 discs you put into place PS5 and you let it download and save 

But you had the PlayStation 4 data for a new PlayStation 5 with the DLC because you played as at this point in time now you have a difference in data your place is informed that you downloaded from the CD over to the 5 is just your base Dark Souls 3 game, but your save data has the DLCs

You're going to have to like at delete everything down look DLCs download the game then download Over the save file So you have to delete the same file as well from the console that just make sure you don't delete it from the cloud Just delete it from the console and then download the game the DLCs been download Over the cops a file and you should be able to go 

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