How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Lag|A Helpful Illustrated Guide

You Can Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Lag by these methods:

1. Clear Cache and Data

Press and hold on Pubg mobile Lite game icon and go to app info then tap on storage usage in storage usage clear both Clear data and clear cache and then now login to your PUBG mobile Lite and it will Fix Pubg mobile Lite Lag in your mobile

2. Clean your mobile storage atleast keep half storage free 

Always keep your Mobile storage free atleast half of your internal storage, if 64gb then make sure to have 30gb free space and then 128gb 50gb free is minimum needed,while your Mobile mobile had increased storage usage it shows its effect on mobile performance,so make sure to have half storage free atleast to get maximum mobile Performance.

3. Never use Mobile while charging

Stop using mobile Mobile while in Charging mode It is normal for any mobile while charging internal mobile have strong electric field which makes your touch response non response or delay in Mobile and its even not safe for your batter while using on charging it decreases your battery life 

4. Always use updated Apps from store 

Touch response may be also lags in Mobile due to old version not updated app usage,if you facing lag during using particular app then go to store and once check either app got any update if got them update and it will fix Mobile lags,it caused normal In many mobiles due to using of old versions.

5. Make sure to use Mobile with dry hands

Touch will not respond if wet particles were present on Mobile screen make sure to keep your screen always dry,if you done any work and if have sweat make sure to clean and use to avoid irresponsible touch response

6. Remove if you were using broken screenguard or low quality

The broken screenguard present on Mobile may have many chances to enter air and block in them which it cause touch issues for non response,even it may also cause due to using low quality screen guard on Mobile due to incomplete attach and bubble forming due to low quality

7. Factory Reset

Even if you have facing any problems in Mobile after doing above things please try to factory Reset you phone and check of it sets right if it not settled then go to near Mobile mobile showroom and repair it

8. Stop using while mobile is heated up heavily

After plaing havy games like pubg in Mobile many will go through make it charge fastly without leaving mobile for sometime it leads to many issues like battery fast drainage,Mobile performance decrease, after playing heavy games make sure to wait for 10 minutes to charge 

9. Software update

Software update is the primary reason for many issues faced in mobiles if once Mobile got software update them it starts to stop working fully and we face many problems to fix them we have to check for updates regularly and done for better and fast experience

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