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How to Fix Redmi Device Restarting/ Rebooting Automatically

How to Fix Redmi Device Restarting/ Rebooting Automatically

You Can Fix Your Redmi Device Restarting/Rebooting Automatically by These Methods:

1. Force Restart

If you are facing automatically Restarting or Rebooting your Relame device you can fix this issue by Force Restarting your Redmi device

You can Force Restart your Redmi device easily by using power and volume buttons to do this press and hold power button and both volume up and down buttons at same time

Hold till your Redmi device shuts off and on and now it shows some options in that you have to select Reboot and your mobile will reboot and Fix automatic Restart problem

Normally force reboot may helps you to fix many issues faced by Redmi user like some apps not working properly, Forcestop Apps and after update if filmware not installed properly this can be fixed by Force restart

2. Software Update

Always try to update your Redmi device when you get new update,An update can fix any bugs that causing Auto restart or Rebooting issues

If you got Redmi software update and you didint updated you may face many problems other than automatic Restart issues 

So always keep your software updates as automatic when any new updates release to your Redmi device then it download automatically and asks your permission to install Redmi software update

3. Over Heating

Many Redmi mobiles comes with an setting that if an mobile over heated then device will be automatically switch off you have to know at this point that your device can't handle the over performance

Redmi mobile heated up due to playing heavy games like PUBG or COD nonstop for hours

Redmi device also heated up while consuming more data for any tasks you using like Video calls 

Redmi mobiles also over heated due to multitasking or many running background apps you have to close all of them

4. Factory Reset

If you done the above three steps in your Redmi device and even you facing the Autorestarting or Rebooting issue then Factory Reset is the best option to fix this issue 

A factory Reset can wipe all your Redmi mobile data make sure to backup all your files before doing factory reset

To do factory reset go to settings in Redmi device and then Additional settings in additional settings click on Back up and reset and then scroll down and you can see there Erase All Data(Factory Reset)

By tapping in Factory Reset it will erase your apps and intern files once it complete it can fix your issue

5. Third Party Apps

Many people will install third party apps from other than playstore in Redmi devices they contain virus 

These Apps can work in background of your Redmi mobile and steal your all information and sends to developer 

The app working on background consumes more battery and you may also face heating issues,this causes many troubles in mobile while using along with Auto restart or Rebooting

To fix this always keep your play protect in Playstore of Redmi should be enable and scan with antivirus apps for virus if any malicious apps detected delete them from your Redmi mobile

6. Clear Background Apps

Some Redmi Users may not close their recent apps after using from recent tabs this cause the apps running in Redmi mobile background 

They consumes more battery energy and causes lag while using and you may not experience user friendly wile using Redmi mobile 

One try to close all recent apps and clear all apps present in your Redmi device cache and restart your device it will fix your Autorestarting or Rebooting issues

7. Spyware apps

If you gives your Redmi mobile to anyone and they installed spy app in your Redmi device 

Or if you click on any malicious links and images this may lead to install spy apps in your Redmi device

Spy apps can works in background and they consumes more internet data and battery consumption cause they continuously transfer you data to the hacker or the person who installed spy app in your Redmi device

These spy apps causes Autorestarting or Rebooting issues in Redmi devices and also irresponsible activities

You can detect them easily by going to your Redmi mobile settings and then Administration and there check if any unusual apps had given permission or not if given then disable and uninstall that app

To avoid these keep in mind go always your play protect in Redmi Playstore should be enable 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 👍


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