How to Fix Temporary ad Serving Limit Placed on your Adsense Account|Helpful Guide

You can Fix Temporary ad Serving Limit Placed on your Adsense Account by :

1. Remove Links which getting direct views

Everyone makes this normal mistake they try to get more views in an easy ways and post their links in third party apps and in youtube comment from there they get views directly from links

As a result it increases direct views and decreases organic views this is what adsense don't want to see in your website,As a result adsense strike with temperory ad serving limit 

If your website facing problem with ad limit serving the first step you have to do is removing those links wherever you posted like in youtube comments and wherever you posted

Cause from those links you were getting direct traffic which cause main reason for ad limit serving

2. Create More Unique Content

After removing the links wherever you posted now start creating more content and posts with unique content write larger posts like 1500 above word in each post

At this time you need to research and write content on high volume keyword posts which get more views organically don't copy and paste some others content it won't help for you to remove ad limit serving so try to write you own and unique content without plaigarism

Always keep in mind content is king whatever you write post include heading and sub headings to get rank easily and get more views organically

3. Increase Organic Traffic

Remove all the links wherever you getting direct views from source or platform ad limit will never remove until you get 90% plus organic traffic at this time 

Create more content and articles with high words will get more views organically and rank fast 

4. Send Feedback

You can try sending feedback to adsense once you getting organic traffic which 90% and you still seeing ad limit banner then send them feedback about your issue 

Once they received and review your feedback they check if everything was in correct way then they can remove ad limit serving placed in your adsense account

It is the one of the best way to get rid of ad limit placed in your site trust me this will help and your problem solved within next two days after sending your feedback

5. Never share your links to your Friends and Relatives

Someone tries to get views easily so they share their links to their friends and relatives and tell them to open 

It's the big mistake you are doing don't try to share your links to your friends and relatives and ask them for views it counted as direct view which cause adsense violation and ad limit placed in your adsense account

6. Don't try Shortcut ways 

Don't try any shortcut ways to remove ad limit placed in your adsense account someone will remove their adsense code from their website and this makes more time to get tract your views and traffic by adsense if you keep removing and when you see no ad limit banner and tried to use again adsense code in website it will show you gain same issue

So don't try to remove adsense link in your website some may remove their website from adsense this make no sense and to get again adsense on your website it takes more days so leave your site as it is and create more content and increase Organic Traffic

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 👍


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