How to Fix Unable to Access Online Services Call of Duty PS4

How to Fix Unable to Access Online Services Call of Duty PS4

In this article you know the complete helpful illustrated guide on how to fix unable to access online services error in ps4

A Complete Helpful Illustrated Guide 

The fist step you have to do is clear the cache on your PlayStation,which is also known as rebuilding the PlayStation database

It's a great trick to know and do every couple of months as a few different functions including getting rid of corrupt files on your PlayStation which over or slow your PS4 down and create system lag clearing

The cache is also great way to get rid of the unable to access online services issue that people are facing for Call of Duty

Call of Duty lagging back into the online services the first thing you need to do is turn off your PlayStation pretty sure most of you know how to do this, But just in case hold down the PS4 button scroll down to power and press X and then go to turn off PS4

It's very important that you turn it off instead of turning it into rest mode if you do put it into rest mode, this one actually work you won't be able to go into the safe mode screen,So please make sure you turn off the PlayStation 4 

So to clear the cache you'll need to make the PlayStation go into safe mode and in order to do this just grab your PlayStation 4 controller and a USB cable and plug it into the PlayStation 4

Now with the PlayStation controller plugged into the USB port hold down the power button for about 5 to 10 seconds. Basically you will hear first beep at the start But you need to do this until you hear two beeps

They're usually a few seconds apart If you did this correctly, then you should now see the safe mode screen which advises you to connect your controller and press the PS button If you press the PS button and nothing happens It means your cable isn't registering 

So just use the d-pad which are the arrows on the left hand side so from these options you need to select rebuild database, which is clearing the cache

This option won't delete any of your files on your PS4 everything will stay the same. It only fixes the crop files on your PlayStation that are causing problems like lag it being slow and has an impact on COD connecting to the online servers

So with these Ian's the initializing PS4 is actually reinstalling the system software this is the option that if you select this it will delete all your files and basically bring your PlayStation to a clean state so make sure you don't select this

If you do wish to keep everything just select the rebuild your database so using the d-pad go down to number five,which is rebuild database and press X before you go ahead it tells you that it's going to take a few hours, but it really ever takes that long it only takes minutes to half an hour to took a little bit under two minutes

So don't worry if yours takes a little bit longer it go over to the right and press X the playstation does little restart before it starts to rebuild the database don't freak out

It'll be up in just a second and the PlayStation logo should appear this will appear for a few seconds and then we'll go into the blue screen where starts to rebuild your database

It takes some seconds but this is going to be different for everyone. It really depends on your PlayStation and how much work needs to be done to rebuild the database, you know, the more corrupt files. You have the longer it will take 

So once it's finished, it'll take you back to the normal PlayStation start screen just hit the PS button and connect your control and you should be back in 

I like to go and check the storage to see if any storage is actually been freed up from doing this as corrupt files tend to take up quite a bit of space I've seen videos online where this method shown to actually free up space in your PlayStation

But doing this overall, we increase the PlayStations performance it should make it a lot quicker and Get rid of any system lag,I think doing this periodically, maybe every once every six months even once every couple of months is a good way to just make sure your playstations to know fast and there's no corrupt files on it

I hope this works for you and that you're able to log back into Call of Duty if you're still getting the unable to connect to online services this will work 100% and fix your problem

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