How To Get A Replacement PS5 Console Directly From Sony|Helpful Guide

How To Get A Replacement PS5 Console Directly From Sony|Helpful Guide

A complete helpful illustrated guide on how to get your PlayStation 5 for replace because it is defective or something is wrong with PS5 it can be Hardware or a software issue let's get right into this

If you have a plastation five, and it's issues like let's just you can't eject the disc or none of the discs are entering it inside but it is not reading and you feel it is defective, What you can do is I will leave links to everything below for you and follow these steps 

But what you can do is enter the first website given below link and this one not necessarily will take you to the contact page,So answering wrong on purpose there is not going to help you but you can kind of just tell it like hey, I've tried this and it's going to give you like a guide of like which possible error causing crashes is it the disc or the software is that the controller or is an HDMI?What is it? 

What's the issue and you can literally tell it what It's happening or what is not happening and it's going to tell you like Hey, try these possible methods and if they work, it's fine It's going to tell you just like all right, if they don't work, let's just say I'm just gonna go no here,No there's, no parental controls it's just going to tell you contact us and that's fine I'm just giving this as a pre guide like, hey, let's if you could fix it if you genuinely cannot fix the console that is fine

LINK - 1

The next link that I'm going to share below LINK 2 what you can do is there's three ways to contact somebody you can call them which is very highly recommended you can chat them which is probably because it doesn't really take long or tweet them l've never tried to tweet ,So it's completely up to you if you wanted to tweet them

What you can do is you can chat I've mentioned this many times before you literally give your name your PlayStation email and your ID you just say, I'm not a robot your request chat is going to take less than 10 minutes 

You're going to request chat from with them and you're going to be talking to a wrap now you can tell him or her the exact situation what you're in what's happening and they will try to like kind of guide you through and walk you through all the steps and processes on how to get a replacement

You don't have to give a credit card for like pre-authorized charge on sure if that's changed as of after today, you don't have to give a credit card to my knowledge, You don't have to like kind of like do a pre-authorization what you're going to do is they're going to send you a box and in which you're going to give them the console back and then they're going to send a I guess a replacement right after that 

So the right Apple kind of does it is a little different Apple gives you the game they cut the phone verse if you have doing a replacement phone, then you send your defective product or phone back in the device back to them,Like I said, it's a little different how they did it, But I guess that's how it is i'm not sure if it's changed it's only might have changed it where they send you the console first with the box and then you send them to Back 

Most of the time we're going to try to like repair it and send it back to you but it is possible that they send a replacement and it is taking longer than usual they're saying can take up to three weeks where you might get it back, it's a little different on how they're doing it's either they going to repair it or send you a new one you're covered under the warranty

These issues aren't technically supposed to happen but you can either like to call them straight up tell them the issue tell them like hey, I've tried the stuff you've mentioned I've even followed this website on this to the one i just mentioned to you literally right before this where I tried all those recommended methods if you have something let's just say they're telling you something different on the call or chat

Let's say be likeI just tried this as we talked it did not help what else do you want me to do? I need a replacement console or this console fixed as soon as possible that's basically what you kind of have to do to get a replacement PlayStation 5


If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them on below comment box 👍


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