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How to get Six Pack For 13,14,15 Years Old Boy|Helpful Illustrated Guide

How to get Six Pack For 13,14,15 Years Old Boy|Helpful Illustrated Guide

In this Article you learn how to get six pack for 13,14,15 yers old with an complete helpful illustrated guide

Abs are a muscle you guys there's four muscles in your abs you got your rectus abdominus got your transverse abdominis

You have your internal and external obliques so you got to train all of them and if you're missing out on training one of them,you're not going to have fully developed six pack abs

So let's go over now you will learn how to train all them right now the first exercise that we're Works your lower abs and what I found out for most people is that they may have the top two packs, but these bottom two that really not seen out they'll have a lot of fat there

So some really only have the top two minor decent for lower ab development best thing is going to be flutter kicks


Hands down flutter kicks are a phenomenal exercise you have to try do have to change up every six to eight weeks but I wish you could keep flutter kicks in there forever because they're amazing

So to do flutter kicks the key for doing flutter kicks is all you want to do is lay on your back keep hands in your back lift your two legs from ground and contract your abs

But when you're performing them you want to just barely keep your heels off the ground so just simply going like this you never want your feet ever to come to the ground because the minute they come to the ground takes all of the pressure off from lower abs and you want to Make sure that it stays tight the whole time and you do that by just levitating it over the ground and never actually for your lower abs in my opinion

And now move you llegs back and forth to upside for some reputations and increase your reputations weekly now you are going to find some other exercises for you that probably change your stats on this a few times but that exercise has really allowed you to get that full six-pack Taps so the next exercise that you going to do is the side plank knee crunch


Now these side plank knee crunch works on your internal and external obliques most people do not care about their obliques you need to work your obliques so you get that full six pack ab and so you look crazy shredded from the side

To do a side plank knee crunch, It's very easy all you do is you get in a side plank position so your side planking like hips off the ground feet off the ground don't go like anything cheating your hips have got to be raised

Now, what you're going to do is You're simply going to Crunch and it works your obliques like crazy after few repetitions because the concrete is very hard to maintain that exercise

You guys want to get developed obliques basically these muscles you guys do those phenomenal absolutely phenomenal,the next exercise we're going to perform is the ab with roll out


 For doing this you need to have the ab Wheels,you can use a dumbbell as an app will roll out to do your ab will roll outs. Here's the key with the ab wheel roll out

What you want to do is you have to don't want to wreck your back,but you want to kind of suck in your stomach a little bit,Now what this is going to do is this is going to make sure you don't put all the pressure on your lower back because watch really carefully when I perform this exercise what lot of people do is they'll go right when they start to bend their back and they'll keep going hundred percent incorrect 

when your back starts to Bend and you start to arch your back you take all of the pressure off of your abs you just put that on your lower back and you're not in a good position for your lower back and that's how you guys are going to get injured

I don't want to see you getting injured at all really so make sure you suck in your stomach a little bit just go in till when you feel your abs caving out right there come back and that's a simple as that you will be able to go farther as your abs get more developed and when you feel your abs losing tension come back

Don't try to be a hero if you try to be a hero and go all the way out you will injure yourself you may not injure yourself on the first rep might be on the eighth rep the 10th rep or the next workout

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4. V UPS

V UPS are amazing that train your both upper and lower abs with great effort to do V UPS all you do is you have to lay on ground and lift your legs from ground and lift your upper body to from ground 

And now try to move your upper body towards tour legs like you seen in V shaped at first it will be hard for you to do 

so that will train your upper abs V Hobbs really hit your upper abs and your lower abs to the flutter kicks work your lower abs like crazy

So you're up for your lower and middle ABS all of that works your rectus abdominis. We did the side plank knee crunch that worked are external and internal obliques, but we haven't really touched It on the transverse abdominus muscle now 

In order to work this muscle all you have to do to feel the muscle working as breathe out exhale so exhale for like 5 seconds, so You feel that you feel that the muscle Contracting that's your transverse abdominus

It lies right underneath your rectus abdominus in order to train that muscle all you have to do is a plank that's it. 


Just simply do a plank and you hold that plank so keep a neutral back hold the plank that will train your transverse abdominis

Another way is to do stomach vacuumes so how you perform the stomach vacuum is you lay on your stomach what you have to do is you have to take a big inhale fill your lungs up with air and then blow out

You actually want to suck your stomach in so it'll look like this breathe in then when you push the air out suck your thumb again as far as possible and that will train your transverse abdominus as well as 

Exercises all these four exercises recommend doing them in a circuit in two minute break in between once you are done doing that do that for about a week do it every other day not every single day every other day and then add 10 seconds each week your ab muscles over two to three four weeks times will be freaking crazy

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 👍


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