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How To Lengthen Telomeres and Reverse Aging| Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

How To Lengthen Telomeres and Reverse Aging| Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Secret to eternal life no matter how great our differences we are all United in the belief that aging sucks and throughout Humanities Endeavors the desire to Stave off further time has been a constant companion a yearning that has never been fulfilled but could there actually be a way to turn back the clock

You can look and feel several years younger by following simple programs provided by diet experts with regime diet and Beauty routine 

But the thing is if you want to look and feel younger without putting in any work? Perfect, Let's go Michael Jackson suffered Burns while filming an advertisement for Pepsi and shortly after he was pictured sleeping in an oxygen chamber in order to heal something about that experience clearly affected him because he was reported to have said I've taken several long naps in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and when I awoke i felt like a new person

I have never felt better i definitely want one for my home so I can sleep in at night i plan to get one immediately,are you thinking what I'm thinking you will be perfectly within your rights to consider this an eccentricity of a multi-millionaire but a study just came out that might prove him right in a study of 35 or adults over the age of 64 they found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy increase the telomere length of it Immune cells by 20% immune cells being pretty important these days

This seems like a big deal, but we need to understand the context around these findings you may have heard that telomere length is a proxy for biological age while there is some truth to that,Let me explain to you a little bit more in detail

The DNA ribosome complex is responsible for copying your chromosome when cells divide Unfortunately it is an imperfect copier there's one incredible a bit at the beginning and a bit of the end if it failed to copy any important information then as an organism you would be in serious trouble

The remedy does was to put some extra words before and after the main instruction so even when it fails to copy them, it doesn't really affect the functional part of the instructions, but with enough copies this buffer is eventually lost and the cell becomes senescent which means it figures out that further replication will mess you up and stops dividing 

The number of times a cell can divide before becoming senescent is known as the hayflick limit and is usually around 60 age coincidentally the age at which humans retire to so you can take it as a cell basically saying sorry can't really work anymore i'm done time for me to go to a country house and live out my days

This is mostly a good thing imagine if your liver cells decided to keep working after 60 just division after division after division after just a few rounds you'd literally be more liberal than human however inability to divide also means inability to repair damage, which is why as people get older they find it so difficult to recover from injuries, but if they were to undergo the therapy described above then they may be able to recover faster due to the enhanced ability of their cells to divide due to longer telomeres

The Reconstruction of telomeres is mediated by an enzyme all telomerase that's why stem cells and cancer cells that are able to mobilize this enzyme are basically Immortal cancer cells extracted from the unfortunate henrietta Lacks

For example have been replicated many times that the weight of all the cell's file together would be 50 million metric tons immune cells also have the ability to upregulate telomerase so that they can continue to divide because every time your body has to fight off an infection Section an army needs to be assembled

Now they're not going to draft a random neuron give it a musket and ask him to go deal with the salmonella ravaging the gut when T cells encounter an antigen they differentiate into effector cells to deal with threat and they have to replicate many times in order to deal with it after the war is won they go down to a low number ready to replicate again if the need arises 

If they couldn't reconstruct the telomeres with telomerase after your 9th calm and cool your army would be depleted and you'd basically die I said nine because cats have nine lives i always like speculating about team scientific messages hidden in everyday phrases

So We know that older people find it harder to fight off diseases and while immune cells can increase the telomere lengths themselves with a higher average length lead to better immunity, I can't say for sure, but I think that's what's being suggested almost every disease is more dangerous when you're older

Maybe oxygen treatments will provide better outcomes in those cases It's certainly something that merits more investigation, but can this average increase in telomere length be extra polite It to other types of cells as well based on this study but in general while researching the topic, I found that hyperbaric oxygen has long been used to accelerate the healing of wounds given the findings of this study could telomeres be involved that doesn't seem to be the case hemoglobin is a molecule that binds to oxygen and carries it to the different tissues of our body

But there is some oxygen dissolved in the plasma as well Hyperbaric oxygen treatment uses hundred percent oxygen at higher than normal pressure to drastically increase this dissolve oxygen and this helps in a lot of ways destroying harmful proteins,anaerobic bacteria and providing oxygenation to problematic wounds like diabetic ulcers

The mechanism is understood and is not related to the activation of telomerase Josh middled off and evolutionary biologist said the reason the telomeres were found to be longer was because of another major finding of the study reduction in senescent cells as we discussed earlier when telomeres get short enough the cell no longer wants to divide and becomes senescent with study found that there was a reduction of 37% in senescent cells

The telomere lengthening they're saying might just be a consequence of the fact that all the shortest Elevate ourselves were removed from the group 

All right summary time people were given hundred percent oxygen at high pressure for 90 minutes a day five times a week for three months Hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen was induced by giving the participants five-minute breaks from high oxygen every 20 minutes their immune cells were studied and telomere length seems to have increased on average and sinasohn cells reduced by 37% 

This could be due to the higher expression of telomerase or a statistical Quark due to the fact the sinasohn cells which are the ones with the shortest telomeres were reduced in number senescent cells least some inflammatory cytokine which are bad for you so less of them is a good thing for the most part

It's a small study and definitely no conclusions can be made but the removal of senescent cells is quite promising ijust wish that ask the people at the end of the study about how they felt I know it's a subjective thing, but would have been interesting to know so what about the Michael Jackson story I mentioned earlier

It seems to be more of a tabloid Story the picture some speculate was released to generate publicity I couldn't Find too many credible Outlets covering it they see that it was a machine that he donated to the hospital not one he was personally using he could have easily bought one for home

Celebrities are usually into some weird stuff and there are other people who use oxygen Chambers, but Michael helps for example uses one that simulates high altitude low oxygen environments that's the opposite of what the study looked at

Justin Bieber has been known to use one too, but I'm not sure we should be taking life lessons Jackson and Bieber we spoke of stories and legends earlier and in those stories the pursuit of immortality and eternal youth a gently just plot devices

The stories themselves are not about how immortality is attained they are allegories to Greed and to the Restless ambition that all of us are blessed with so like the tales of old on finally I can say with a lesson don't invest in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber until you get more efforts wait for the price has to come down 

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