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How to Prepare Your Business From the IOS 14 Facebook Ad privacy update

How to Prepare Your Business From the IOS 14 Facebook Ad privacy update

Online advertising on Facebook and Instagram is about to undergo a gigantic change because of a new feature on the iPhone

This could actually destroy small businesses if they're not prepared in this article you are going to learn exactly what you need to do right now and not effect by that crush it on Facebook and Instagram when all of these changes take place

Now i want to sort to walk you through exactly what's going on here, So basically what's happening is that in iOS 14 which is already out but there are new features coming to iOS 14 which are going to make it so that when you're on your phone and you install a new app or an app updates if you have Facebook, it's going to update its going to have to comply with this otherwise Apple will kick it out of the App Store 

A little pop ups going to come up and it's going to say do you want this app to track your data? Basically obviously Facebook is terrified by this they're absolutely terrified because they think most people are going to say no

They don't want their data track ofcourse what most people don't know although I'm all in favor of day of data privacy at the same time,A lot of people don't understand that if they opt out of tracking data, they're making a movement towards seeing less personalized as you know

So it's going to be much harder to Target people even mor harder to retarget people and track conversions on how well your Facebook and Instagram ads are doing now

This is not going to be a huge sea change immediately it's going to slowly happen over time but as Facebook puts it you might for example, and this is what they say in their documentation if you're spending $50 and you usually get 5 sales from this you may spend $50 and get to sales from it

For example, and while this might not seem like a big thing think about this in scale the difference between two sales on that fifty dollars and five sales on them $50 is going to be the difference in breaking even or not breaking even probably it won't just hurt your row eyes

So that means that you're likely going to have to spend even more on Facebook but luckily there are some things that we can do and so there's a few things steps that I want you to take right now

Things To Do To Save Your Business From Facebook Ad Privacy Policy And Not Effected By Them

1. Verify Your Domain

This is for business owners in any marketers out there Who are implementing things for clients? there are a few things that you have to make sure to do right now

You need to verify your domain this is very very important and you'll do this in Facebook, If you have not verified your domain you need to do this right now It's going to make your life a lot easier so you have to verify your domain and get everything sort of straight in an order and good to go

2. Capi

The next thing that you need to think about is getting Capi installed and what Capi is it's a basically an integration between Facebook and Shopify, Facebook and WordPress and woocommerce, whatever it may be resale online that basically passes data back and forth between them without needing necessarily all of the power of the Facebook pixel to do that

So if you don't know what the Facebook pixel is, it's that little code that little piece of code that goes on your website that allows you to track everything that happens within your Facebook advertising,so the pixel tracks purchase events every single event Under the Sun and now you're only going to be able to use eight core events, which is not going to do afect most advertisers but will definitely affect some 

But that's one change that's happening and basically when you install this on your site, it's going to make it so that you're not just relying on the Facebook pixel, but things are going to change anyway, no matter what but this is going to make it a lot easier because it's going to allow you to track your data better.

Now the see this is the way that it goes when you tell Facebook to get a purchase on Facebook saying go get that purchase when Facebook's doing that they're saying okay great so I'm going to go find people that are most likely to purchase and then go trigger for those events ans when people purchase it sends a snap message back to Facebook ads and it says bump somebody purchased great and so it starts to gather that information and optimizes your ads in the algorithm to be able to optimize for that event

Problem is if all of a sudden people are saying no don't track me when they buy something through Facebook that information will not be sent back what is inside information isn't being sent back the Facebook algorithm can optimize your ads and all of a sudden you're up a creek without a paddle because you don't really have any way to optimize your ads

You have to find a way to send that data back to Facebook so in order to send that data back to Facebook you absolutely have to install this Capi 

In Shopify what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to go to the Shopify App Store and install the facebook sales Channel app and get that all set up and then you want to go into the analytics section and turn everything on and make sure that it's pushing as much information as humanly possible

That is very important to do and in the other side of things if you have woocommerce, there is a plug-in and integration that allows you to take it over If you're an agency, you're going to find that you're going to have a little bit of trouble here because you need to be the ad and admin on the business manager of your client

So what I would recommend is you get together with your client and screen share with them and take them through actually connecting their profile through that at Shopify account or through that will Commerce because if you ever part ways and then you know, obviously then it won't be like the Shopify store 

The Facebook data all sits with you as an agency you want it to be with your client, right? So you give it to your client,also chances are most agencies are not admins on the business manager of their clients So this will fix that, that's the number one thing that you need to do and you also want to go into your Facebook events manager and make sure that you have on your pixel and make sure that you have advanced matching turned on

3. Investigating Facebook/Instagram Shops

Now the other thing that I would say is that you want to start investigating facebook and Instagram shops Now I've never been too big on Facebook and Instagram shops because simply you can't control the experience so much of where you send people and after after it had matters, you know what that experience is like 

Even though it's native and Facebook at the same time you don't get as much of an opportunity to sell them you know you get the opportunity to do to do a lot of marketing after the click and doing marketing after the click is really important ,So you're sort of at the bass of that but at the same time if you've Facebook and Instagram shop setup and you do this with Shopify through this Facebook plug-in, then you're in a good position to be able to track because everything is happening within the Facebook ecosystem

we don't want to be just putting all of our eggs in the Facebook basket but listen, if you're a small business that is you know making millions of dollars a year as many are just on Facebook ads you're going to be screwed if you don't start thinking about the stuff Up now for this reason investigation on Facebook 

4. Diversifying

i think for 2021 you really need to start thinking about diversifying this gets hard and because well number one this third-party tracking affects everything so it also affects Google so Google is not going to be able to track when you buy things either if people are opting out because apples going to put this on all apps

Now that being said diversifying overall helps just boost your brand awareness and it just makes it so that depending on which which platforms are operating their tracking in different ways it just allows you to not have all of your eggs in one basket

So if Facebook starts failing on you,once this all of stuff starts to happen with iOS 14, you'll have YouTube there,You'll have Google there, whatever it may be you can start looking into Twitter Pinterest at the same time

Don't get crazy Pinterest,Twitter are Bitter and I mean these are not as powerful of algorithms is a reason why everybody's putting their money into Facebook and Instagram bigger user base better machine learning makes Roi better overall. Now, of course, some brands have had that made a killing on these other platforms and it just depends on what your business is 

It's worth testing hundred percent but keep in mind it's not just a Facebook and Instagram thing Apple blocking this potentially on your phone means every Advertise your Pinterest,Twitter,YouTube ,Google they're all going to be effective

Tick-Tock all of them because they all rely on what's called a third party cookies to optimize that little piece of code on your website and if somebody on their phone hits prank, no, I don't want my dad attract Well, good-bye third-party cooking you're going to have to have other ways to send that information back to Facebook do this Now get on this

Now the time is things are happening in the world very quickly and it is going to change overnight and you do not want to be on the other end the bad end of that overnight getting these things in place right now is 100% crucial

Here it's a little bonus tip at the end I am telling you right now that you need to start relying more when it comes to retargeting your adds, meaning when you're trying to show things to people that have already seen interest in your brand so they're not a cold audience there a warm audience

You need to start leveraging jing video in your Facebook advertising if you're not or utilize it more if you're not using it a ton why because you can still retarget based on what people are watching videos if things are happening inside Facebook, that means that you can retarget them

It's just going to be much harder to retarget with things that happen off of Facebook So things that happen on your website, but as long as you can get people to take valuable actions or send signals to you to your brand your advertising to the algorithms that they're interested in your products and services on Facebook meaning watching videos and engaging in other ways with your content

You can retarget those people still so when you keep things inside the Facebook ecosystem, you can continue to retarget in the correct ways



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