How to Refund Or Replacement of Roku Remote|A Helpful Guide

How to Refund Or Replacement of Roku Remote|A Helpful Guide

In this article you will walk through the steps on how to file a claim and get help with your Roku to replace, refund

Whether you're needing to return a get something replace may be something is broken and It's within that warranty period so we're going to go over to support that us

I'll link the support page down in the description. You need to select an issue from this drop-down and menu now for me it right out of the box. Unfortunately my Roku Streaming Stick plus the remote the volume down button is jammed and it does not work in my case that's the issue I faced and reported to Roku through their website

So I'm going to go down and in the drop-down menu click on where it says questions about returning my Roku device or managing my order then clicking continue 

And in your options are to manage or return or replace your order, So if you order from that's what you have to click

I ordered it from Walmart so mine's going to be a return or replace a product that I bought elsewhere and then it says,where did you purchase your Roku device and there's a few different options there

Mine was from a retailer specifically Walmart, and then it Gives me the eligible devices in my account that I could start a return process for and like I said, it was the remote unfortunately with my Roku Streaming Stick. So I'm going to click on that option there and then click replace and then it takes us over to the product return and exchange page 

And it is worth noting that there's different types of returns and exchanges whether there's a defective product like in my instance or you might be eligible for a refund if you're within 30 days of the purchase,you don't necessarily have to have something wrong with the product return it, as long as you're within it that return and period for the streaming player that you have

Now you're going to enter in your contact information and then down in the text box put in a reason for your return or exchange

And after you type in your reason for return or exchange go ahead and click continue and then just check everything over to make sure it looks right and then at the end click where it says submit return a / exchange request and then it says further information and return instructions will be provided through the email response to your provided email address

P0So be on the lookout for that email that you're going to get from Roku support and if it doesn't show up in your inbox, be sure to check your spam junk clutter folders things at such as that,you will get a response from the Roku support team

It says thank you for contacting Roku your Roku player is Warranty, we will honor your replacement request and replace the product in question Please respond to this message and completing / confirming deep below details to initiate a replacement and then you just got a double check the details and information below

Once you respond to this email that a replacement will be initiated and you should expect at the delivery within five business days based on where your shipping address is located

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