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Magsafe Issues,Is It Worth Buying Apple Magsafe Charger(Review)

Magsafe Issues,Is It Worth Buying Apple Magsafe Charger(Review)

The Mac save charger some issues people faced after a week of using it,Is it any good? Or we just wasting our money 

Apple reintroduced magsafe in the iPhone as a circular set of magnets in the back that allow for attachments of wireless chargers and new accessories

The idea is pretty simple magnets of the back of the iPhone aligned with In the magsafe charger to keep the charger connected and centered on the charging coils

 So you don't wake up with a dead battery that's the biggest issue with regular Qi wireless chargers, If you do not place your iPhone on the device directly over the charging coils in the pad then your device will not properly charged and you wake up with a dead battery 

Even you notice vibrations for notifications have been known to move a phone just enough so that it falls out of alignment and stops charging Apple tried to solve this issue with the failed air power charging pad that never made it to Market because as I guess overheating issues

Apple developed a pad that automatically detects where you place your device and moves the charging coil to alignment,That's actually pretty neat and a number of companies have been trying to find new ways to make wireless charging better

Magsafe is a bit of a simpler design besides having a more secure connection and proper placement via magnets,You also get the benefits of faster wireless charging magsafe can give you up to 15 watts of wireless charging verses 7 and half with a standard Qi wireless charger 

It said up to 20 watts more on that in a minute So those are really the benefits of magsafe,That sounds pretty good right faster more secure wireless charging sure

Here's what I don't like unlike a standard wireless charging pad we need two hands to remove the magsafe charger one of the benefits of wireless charging is you can just place your phone on the charging pad and when you're done or ready you just pick it up and walk away without thinking about it

But tou can't do that with the magsafe charger the connection is easy Just place the wireless charging puck on a surface,You put your phone over it and it snaps on connects it's that easy and that's kind of cool but then you need to pick it up to disconnect it

I know this seems like a discomfort thing to complain about but if you're spending money to wirelessly charge a device and you still have to do the same thing you would do with a cord that just doesn't seem like a benefit time

Some users saying that the benefit of using magsafe will be for gamers so that you can charge your phone and play your game without the cord getting in the way 

But when we plugged in the magsafe to an outlet right next to a chair and sat down to play a game we got really into this real racing game or any if we played for a long time then if we needed to stretch so we have to move every now and then so you move forward just a little bit at the cording charger get ripped right out of the wall so I think three feet is too small even sitting in a chair right next to the power outlet 

If you want to use this on a desk you better make sure that your desk is right up against a power outlet, and if you have a deep desk it still may not reach and less you put the charger way at the far edge of the desk, and then it's even more inconvenient because to remove your phone you still have to reach back with two hands to disconnect it

So now you need to find a place to put this wireless charger maybe you put it in the kitchen, but then we have to stand up if you're going to use it and charge at the same time, or maybe we can find a dark empty hallway that just happens to have a power outlet

Apple Magsafe worth $40 Puck does not come with a charger apples expecting that you already have a charger of some kind or you shell buy another $20 for apples 20 watt charger with both for $60, you can almost get three of these ravpower wireless charging pads with power adapters and spread them around your house

So if you already have a power adapter of some kind and $40 does not seem too bad for this wireless charging puck. They gets 15 watts of charging versus the standard seven and a half while charging that you would get with the qi charger

The magsafe charger will only give you 15 watts of actual charging if you use apples very specific 20-watt wireless charger any equivalent or even faster charging brick will drop you down to 10 watt wireless charging just two-and-a-half Watts more than a standard qi charger. 

If you don't care that the cord is only 3 foot long and you don't care that you need two hands to remove the charger from the phone and you have no issues paying $60 for the magsafe charger and the Apple 20 watt adapter

Someone says it worth because the faster charging you get compared to a standard wireless charger If this is the case the magsafe charger provides zero benefit over a USBC to lightning cable and a 30 watt adapter which can charge the iPhone at 20 watts or more and a lightning Cable comes in the box with the iPhone so you don't need to spend $60 for the wireles charging pad with no benefits

Apple Magsafe Charger with Zero benefit from regular charging with maybe the exception of playing a game on the floor next to a power outlet

What are you thinking about Apples Magsafe charger leave your taughts in below comment box 


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