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Which Browser Is Better On Mac Safari Or Google Chrome

Which Browser Is Better On Mac Safari Or Google Chrome|Detailed View

In this article you know complete detailed view on Apple Safari browser and Google's Chrome browser with both of them offering their own variety of features

It can be difficult to choose between them and I personally find myself switching a lot between them often, I'm going to be going through all the pros and cons of each browser that gives each browser indepth detail view

1. Chrome Vs Safari Design

So first of all, let's talk about the design of each browser as its long then things that can either make the browser or brick the browser Safari has a relatively minimal design which Point for most people they're all the essential icons and a search bar in the top row and there's just as plain straw page with all your favorite book models

Chrome has also got a simple design by default, but it definitely looks more modern in comparison to Safari due to the curly Google aesthetic that they put on it

Okay in comparison to Apple putting a more straighter and boxy one on Safari things like Taps and other options are where you would expect them in Chrome, but in Safari tabs won't show up unless you open more multiple of them which can be confusing

And another thing that you could be confused by in Safari are where to find the settings because they're in the top left in preferences and if you've never really used on that before you probably don't know where they are,So for design Chrome is good 

2. Chrome Vs Safari Customize

Let's talk about customizability it's not doubt that Chrome being made by Google and so far being made by cool means the current gets the advantage when it comes to customization, ofcourse offers a wide range of different themes both first party and third party from the Chrome web store so far on the other hand does a typical apple and gives you little to no customization unless you count like dark theme from your device's settings do something

Safari has no customization to it if you enter changing the background of your browser check I mean the colors changing everything like that definitely chromosphere you and again Crosswinds are not the point and again most were talking about the Chrome web store

3. Chrome Vs Safari Extensions

Let's talk about browser extensions Chrome again has the upper hand as many third-party developers are willing to develop plug-ins for Chrome as Chrome has a large user base from Windows Max everything and let's just say Safari has limiting options,the setup of any browser extension is It was going to the Chrome web store finding one that you like and clicking at the Chrome and you might have any other additional setup from whatever pocket it is

But it's not that simple you have to find an app for the browser extension either in the app store or wherever else you would find it and then you have to download it set the Apple up and then add it to the safari by going into so far as preferences and into the extension section then you have to turn it on

4. Chrome Vs Safari Performance

Let's actually talk about how their perform pleveryone who uses Kronos that Chrome takes up a lot of memory like a lot of ram it is well known that if you have a low spec computer and try to use all the like three prototypes the fan will start going like an airplane or a PlayStation after looking into it

The average person uses about 8 to 10 times on their browser when they're doing anything from intense research to just regular use so I want to open this 10 tabs on the browser and when I saw how much RAM they were using the tabs I opened

Include a YouTube video playing in the highest resolution possible a word online document the Apple website a news article standard just Google search tab because people like to do them a lot again with able pool on Miniclip,Pinterest which has loads of images on it Twitter, Reddit and just an empty tapped for lock

which if you've counted that must attend all of these things are things that you probably have either open or in the background, especially If you're one of those people that live The tabs open and right five times crosswalks to struggle with everything loading really slowly and after around seven tabs everything just started to be slow in General on the Mac 

when I counted up how much RAM is being used in activity monitor Chrome picking up around 2.5 gigabytes of my Max 8 gigabytes row always deals 10 tabs on the other hand Safari Excel opened every A tab with normal speed probably due to Apples optimization of safari with Mac OS and according to activity monitor Safari was only taking up around 2 gigabytes instead of chromes 2.5 

other more noticeable difference with Safari was just performance and general load time as well as just how well the OS was being used from made the max slow down way more than Safari and that finally know safari performance is much more greater than chrome

5. Chrome Vs Safari Syncing

Another thing that is important for a browser is syncing between devices is always so happy when you can go and search something on your desktop and then go on your phone later on and go and find that article that you're reading so you can send it to your friend or something along those lines 

Both browsers offer but Chrome has one key advantage on Chrome sinking Works between every type of device be that Windows ,Mac, iOS, Android ,Linux and anything else that can have Chrome installed on it and have your Gmail account logged it 

Safari works through Apple's iCloud and only syncs between Apple devices because Apple doesn't want Safari be on Windows or Android or anything? So if you're someone with an iPhone and loads of other Apple devices to then Safari is fine for you

But if you have like an Android phone and a MacBook, windows computer and everything just different than Chrome is probably your best when it comes to thinking purely just because of their cross-platform support

6. Chrome Vs Safari Privacy

so it's now for one the final thing that you need in a browser is of course privacy,Now we go is ofcourse notoriously for sucking up user data wherever they can't be used in personalized and recommendations

you can literally go to your profile and see thing you've ever done with your Google account they know literally everything about I'm not saying Apple doesn't track you at all because obviously they use Google as their standard search engine for Safari

But Safari has privacy ingrained into it with all tracking turned off by default or as on Chrome is turned on and you have to go and manually turn off when you realize all the crumbs were tracking me this whole time

Another privacy thing with chrome is that is obviously more susceptible to being targeted by hackers because obviously Chrome is used on way more devices and Safari is but I wouldn't worry too much about it

It's just one of them slight small things, but you obviously have to watch out for definitely for privacy 


Lets tall about small features that just make each of them that's slightly better on Chrome there is support for 4K video playback, but also forest ranger, there isn't even though all the new iMac support 4K, which I don't know thought YouTube in 4k you have to use Chrome

Chrome also has a handy media playback I call that shows you what audio is playing or music is playing through your browser and you can obviously skip forward go back and everything like that and it's just one of them handy things that you can have Coral so here offline website support So say you're on the go you can save our website offline and then go off and then read that article was outside 

Another thing Chrome has is that It's updated regularly,So whenever Google decides to update it, whereas of course Safari only updates when Mac OS ,iOS or anything like that comes up on the other hand those Safari has many other handy features such as reading view

which means you don't really need to use an add block to simplify your page there's also a reading list so you can save some for later and there's many other hand features 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box 👍

8. Conclusion

Both browsers are great and they do their job, which is always the ultimately to search up stuff,But ofcourse Chrome has more features where Safari is more optimized and that's down to your choice of which one you prefer to use personally


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