How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code WC-34736-3|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code WC-34736-3|A Helpful Guide

This is a particular PlayStation Error code that happens mostly on gift cards like Visa or MasterCard gift cards, or it could actually happen to a credit card itself in which one you're trying to like and input the credit card information while you are trying to buy a game 

You're trying to basically goes into account management and account information then you're trying to input the information over there ,you just want to add a new credit card or whatever the situation may be this error basically pops up

It's in the wall as you're trying to add like a new payment method So the thing is this error is probably happening up big most of the time It's because one you input it the information incorrectly a few times so in the beginning 

Let's say two or three times you put a correct incorrectly because you would have put the address wrong when you put the gift card like credit card numbers wrong with the expiration date or whatever. So the fix for that specific piece is there's two fixes

There's a long on a small fixed route and this route is essentially you're going to have to wait 48 hours for it to go away because Sony then ends up attempting to think it's a block or like a fraud, fraudulent charge trying to happen on their console

Like I said, they've been hacked a few times so they take like extra precautions and they block,It happened to me as well where I just couldn't buy for 24 hours it was stupid but similar situation here you can 

You Can Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code WC-34736-3 By These Two methods:

1. Wait For 48 Hours And Reattempt

You have to technically wait 48 hours and then reattempt it and put your information correctly,The shorter route is you Can actually either try a on the app or the web browser trying this same method and doing it from there that should kind of one help alleviate this issue and fix it or two if it's a gift card or credit card, you can actually buy PlayStation vouchers or like PSN card essentially from either Amazon or game shop or whatever the same price

2. Redeem At PlayStation Store

I believe what the tax included depending on where you are and then you can just literally redeem them in the PlayStation Store and if you don't know how to do that, you just go to the PlayStation Store you and over all the way to the bottom and you just press redeem codes you can just redeem yours and you'll get the funds

Essentially it'll do the same thing this thing mostly happens to the gift cards So that's essentially what you'll kind of have to do to kind of resolve and set issues

If you guys still have any comments questions concerns, just more than happy to help you guys out let me know in the comment section below if you have any other errors


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