How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-43691-3|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-43691-3|A Helpful Guide

In this article you know complete detailed guide to fix this where it gives you an error and it doesn't let you either purchase PlayStation 4 Plus or download certain games 

So first for PlayStation Plus users, this is a little interesting because for some point if you're trying to like renew your subscription, it just doesn't let you or trying to like renew it at that point in within the console itself It's not letting you because it's just like, oh your membership is still active the workaround for this one is trustingly enough


You can actually either do it from the web browser itself or from your phone app, and you can kind of extend it from there or if you don't buy a from Sony directly you can buy a session code so basically meaning you can buy the PlayStation plus sorting for the whole year 12 month subscription and images added on in there rather than just doing the renew from PlayStation itself

It's just a little weird where you can do the extent feature but like if there's a coupon happening or like a sale, it doesn't let you do it I don't know if that's them trying to be slick because they want you to pay the full sixty dollars for some reason that error will pop up and it just won't let you do it

I don't know why it's only did that that's a little weird to see what a little shady that you wouldn't let you use this to it but there's a workaround for them

The workarounds you buy the code for like an Amazon or somewhere else and then just plug it into the places your store or just do it from your mobile app or web browser and you're good to go

Now if it's a game or a deal see that you're downloading what I have found that ends up working and fixes the issue

You can fix PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-43691-3 by going to settings> Account Management>Restore Licenses, if you just restore the licenses over there, this is kind of actually helps you fix the issue

If you're having like some form of server error or whatever and then restart your PlayStation 4 sign out of your account sign back in and then try again this I have found that this helps fix the issue and you should be able to then download the game

So this is website of the best places where you can kind of like do and to fix this issue I know it's a little weird like this is happening You may want to try this with the PlayStation Plus subscription 

It just seems like Sony is just not letting it happen to work around is either a buying it from another place and then just putting the code in or be just buying it from the web browser or the PlayStation app itself So that helps like fix that issue

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