How To Gameshare On PS 5 Easiest Way|A Helpful Guide

How To Gameshare On PS 5 Easiest Way|A Helpful Guide

In this article we are going to show you how to game share your PlayStation 5 games with your friends

1. To do this the first thing you're going to do is you have to go to SETTINGS

2. In settings now you have to go to USERS AND ACCOUNTS

3. Now go to OTHER within Other there's a feature called CONSOLE SHARING AND OFFLINE PLAY click on it,now it shows two options at below like DONT DIABLE and DISABLE

So if you are the person who is trying to share your console or your access person to others what you're going to do is to diable it

So once you do this you will not be the primary PlayStation holder anymore similar to the PlayStation 4 and you are not be the primary person anymore and then you should be good to go

4. The next step that needs to do with your friend PS5 is log in from your account and repeat the same by going into settings>Users and Accounts>Other>Console Sharing and Offline Play>Enable

Go to the settings and to users then going to click into other and then you are going to again from your account your PSN on their PS5 

There you are going to see enable or don't enable then press enable once they do that they're going to get the full population of the game library that you have they'll be able to use 

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