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How To Stop Your Phone From Tracking You IOS Iphone And Google Android Phone

How To Stop Your Phone From Tracking You IOS Iphone And Google Android Phone

We will study the Privacy threats and we're trying to protect ourselves against now we will discuss the specific and practical solution that will make most of you thinking

These are the bare minimum of what threats we would want to stop to have a safe phone first we talk about the common threats that will exist in your regular iOS iPhone and Google Android phone with a specific solution

These are the common threats to stop tracking you by your phone


Number one threat Wi-Fi scanning this is a very specific thing done by both Apple and Google to look for routers and their GPS locations

They then add every Wi-Fi router they find into their database with the corresponding location

This information is the basis of wife triangulation which it is used to find everyone's exact location within six feet

Wi-Fi triangulation is the problem with this little feature Wi-Fi scanning is that effect Google and apple always know where you are since you are constantly stating to home base which Wi-Fi routers are near you 

Now Wi-Fi triangulation requires your permission to share to third parties but I want to clearly distinguish this from Wi-Fi. By scanning which is the probe going out every second to look for existing Wi-Fi routers

I can tell you now that there is no way to disable Wi-Fi scanning on iOS in fact as far as I know the software is embedded in the Qualcomm chip firmware this is not affected by your location permission settings

So apple is able to tell your location habits it uses this let's say you are five minutes from your destination without telling it your destination It's based on collected habits and this is the supposed privacy phone?

So Apple knows where everyone is this is true of any Apple device like an iPad I touch or even a Mac being upfront with you I would just leave my iOS device at home because it guarantees this apple tracking 

Find my phone is very effective so you can block other people from seeing your location and find my phone 

You cannot block Apple now Google has Wi-Fi scanning to in fact, they invented it So they're the original offenders, but in newer versions of Android, you can actually go to network settings and disable Wi-Fi scanning

So Wi-Fi scanning will stop Google in theory from tracking every move like apple but this doesn't stop Google from collecting info on Wi-Fi routers since that information is crowd-sourced though

You may turn it off for yourself or your family the mailman and the UPS delivery guy will collect that information from phones in their pocket

But it does stop Google from knowing where you are specifically if location permissions are turned off which require Wi-Fi triangulation

Here's an interesting fact Wi-Fi scanning does not exist in the Android open source project or a AOSP 

They didn't want to share the source code of how they scan for networks and send that information to Google

So custom roms don't have this issue AOSP still has Wi-Fi triangulation but again that is controlled by permissions

2. Apple ID and Google ID Threat


Apple ID and Google ID this is the big one the First thing you're required to do when you get your iOS device or your Google Android is to enter your ID

This is an email address on Google it's a Gmail account in Apple if you ever purchase any apps or in app purchases, you will typically attached a credit card to this email 

You buy subscriptions with using it on iTunes and if you have apple cart then you pretty much attached it everything you do financially

So there is absolutely no anonymity with your idea at all in the case of Google not only do they have your financial info they also scan your email content and this may also be attached to your YouTube activity Google search ways

So the tracking is horrendous this is the number one thing we have to eliminate from a phone

The phone is basically an ID card meaning your chipped and any information tracked on the phone can be indexed by your real identity 

I will tell you right now that there is no way to avoid this on iOS So I'm giving up on that on Google Android this is also impossible, but it can be done depending on how you set up an Android AOSP device 

3. IP Address Tracking

IP address tracking IP address tracking is a very basic concern because of index to your real identity with a Google ID then someone can see everything that you do on the internet, especially with an Apple and Google

This is very disturbing but I want to distinguish the different risks your home IP address as provided by your DSL carrier is the most danger risks your home IP address at provided by your DSL carrier is the most dangerous to reveal 

Because it is unique to you and typically this doesn't change its otherwise known as a static IP address

It's not usually static and principle but in reality that's how it behaves i want the contrast that to your activities while on cell data

If you're up and about your IP address will change depending on the Tower and your IP address on the go is transient so you may have many IP addresses while on cell data, this means that third parties will be unable to match an exact identity to the IP address

However the IP address you assigned at any given moment is known by your cell carrier but it's not information that usually shared unless asked for law enforcement 

I don't think this is the type of data that would normally sell because there are too many thinking values

They can probably sell info on your internet traffic with your name directly without using an IP address

In any case at least this is easily stopped have a VPN especially at your home if a VPN is on that Apple and Google will in theory be blocked from knowing your real IP address

I say in theory because if you're using VPN software directly on the phone then the operating system can still know what the real IP address is

So the best solution is to have a VPN router so the VPN is not in the software embedded on IOS and Android this is an important part of your home security solution 

4. WIFI Triangulation

Wi-Fi triangulation I mentioned Wi-Fi triangulation at the beginning at this has to be clearly delineated Wi-Fi triangulation is the exact positioning used based on the signal strength of the Wi-Fi routers near you

This can accurately position you within six feet even if there's no GPS signal like if you're indoors the good news about Wi-Fi triangulation is that it is controlled by permissions

Meaning you can switch it off based on your location settings Wi-Fi triangulations about Sharing your location to third parties meaning not Apple and Google

So if you turn location off this will not be shared with others the only complication with this is that iOS actually split the location permissions so that it can get a different permissions then the advertising that's in the apps

So if not set right you could end up with location still on for advertisers which is the default Or iOS versions and without testing it's hard to know if your application settings override the advertising location settings is confusing set up does not exist on Android

So there is pretty black and white you review each app and all the permissions and fortunately this has become a lot easier to do on new versions of Android 

the Wi-Fi triangulation issue exists on all Android and iOS even AOSP So this It means you still have to meticulously examine it location permissions for each app at all times and close apps you're not using if they have location permissions 

5. Cell Carrier Tracking

This is impossible to evade with a standard cell phone no cell phone is immune from your cell carrier tracking your location

I perceive this more as a government threat and that's not something the average person concerns themselves with usually but it can be an occasional legit concern like when attending protest and such and for journalists

So the solution is simple if you're doing something that you'd rather not have your government track you turn off your phone completely or remove the SIM card and that should be good enough for the occasional squashing of this threat

This is the clear solution to all this Clearly several threats have no solution if you're stuck to iOS and your Google Android

So you'll have to give those up or leave the devices and home the top solution is plainly a Linux phone and I mean Linux and not an Android Linux mobile is guaranteed to have no tracking 



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