How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To PlayStation 4|A Helpful Guide

How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To PlayStation 4|A Helpful Guide

In this article you learn how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to PlayStation 4 so you can quickly enter a text message and send it to your friends or other players on the PlayStation 4

With Bluetooth keyboard you can go ahead and play the Elder Scrolls online or rocket League or just any other feature where you want to go ahead and enter text in on my PlayStation 4 

So this one is Bluetooth which means it will not take a USB slot on the front of your PlayStation 4 which is very important because if you go ahead and connect your controller to your PlayStation 4 connect a headset while you're out of USB slots just like that

So it's nice to have something that's Bluetooth now you can go ahead and quickly put in the AAA batteries on the back of your Bluetooth keyboard and then go ahead and turn it on 

Would you miss to the right to the on position the most important thing with Bluetooth keyboards is knowing how to put them into sink or pairing mode

So for this Bluetooth keyboard you have to press the FN key right here bottom left and then the Z key which has a Bluetooth tip line

So when you go ahead and do that and press both of these at the same time this low light will start flashing on the top right there 

That's an indication to you that your bluetooth keyboard is now in Bluetooth sinking 

Go ahead and read your user manual about your keyboard to know how to put into Sigma because that's very important 

Now go ahead and exit out game by pressing the PlayStation button then going back to the home screen and then go up and over to settings then go down to devices then select Bluetooth devices at the top now

When put your Keyboard into sinking or pairing mode mine is FN + C at the same time and it should show up under list automatically

You don't have to start like that a scan feature anything it should just show up under this list now go ahead and select your Bluetooth keyboard

Now if you are getting like some are where it says not connecting within the time limit make sure you disconnect your keyboard from your phone or any other device that it's connecting to so this may be the reason you was not able to go ahead and use it on my PlayStation 4

You have to turn off off if your bluetooth keyboard connected to any another device like mobile or PlayStation 4,5 to use this keyboard 

Then it show up under my Bluetooth devices and have it connect to my Playstation 4 so now this says enter the following passkey on the Bluetooth device and then done entry within 30 seconds

So on your keyboard type in the passkey this is ******** press enter and boom your bluetooth keyboard is now connected to Playstation 4 you can go ahead and move around the different menu press Xscape to Big get back to the home screen and you can press enter to enter back into the game

So on the other Scrolls Online you can just press enter to get into the text chat window and then you can go ahead and type any message and press enter you will display on your screen

You can also use this a lot in rocket league and occasionally Modern Warfare or Wars and this would be great for Final Fantasy as well


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