How To Delete User Profiles On PlayStation 5| Easy Method

How To Delete User Profiles On PlayStation 5| Easy Method

Here is the complete guide on how to delete extra users or useless users and profiles that you have on your PlayStation 5

1. So we're going to get right into this the first thing is you want to go over to 'SETTING' and in settings you want to go over to the 'USER AND ACCOUNTS'

2. You can go all the way back up below to the user section and in there you can easily just 'SELECT AND DELETE' the users that you want to do

3. So if you see it'll tell you exactly what's going to happen basically be consequences of deleting said users 

4. If you delete them their same data screen it's in video clips will also be deleted from your PlayStation 5 and are you sure you want to continue basically say, yes

5. So obviously the main reason you're going to want to be doing this is because you see the glitching, it's bugging out there's too many users and you don't need them

6. You're trying to just like kind of remove them this is like literally the easiest and fastest way you can do just go over into the section go to users it just deletes that set profile

7. It's not good to have so much data in the console itself especially the new og consoles because there's not enough data seeing it as anyways

The storage is already sold less but just wanted to give you like an fy this is how you can easily do it 

This can actually fix certain issues and here that you're possibly happen in your console so what I highly recommend you kind of like looking into this and kind of going this route