How To Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-100096-6|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-100096-6|A Helpful Guide

Basically this is a application error where there's a problem when you're trying to load the application

So let's say you're trying to play like Final Fantasy just calls or another PlayStation 5 game like Demon Souls or Etc as a couple of games out there now and this is essentially this errors happening

So there's a couple of things you can actually do to fix this error

You can fix PS5 error CE-100096-6 by:

Update system software to latest version

The first one is you want to kind of go into Settings and make sure you actually have the latest software on your console available

So there's a possibility that you actually don't have the latest system software want to just kind of click in just do update using internet

Make sure you have the latest system software if you have this great

1. Re-download the software

The next thing you can do is actually delete the software close out your like basically restart your PlayStation 5 and then re download the software

There's a possibility that again because of there's like an actual glitch happening within the software itself and the game itself 

You have to redownload it to make sure everything gets downloaded the up latest updated file gets downloaded and actually gets installed accurately appropriately to the basically game itself

2. Unplug the console for 10 seconds

The other thing that you can actually do is and this is an interesting one and with that restart method, I do apologize when you restart it actually unplug the console and then wait for it to 10 seconds and then re plug it back in don't just kind of leave it outside do plug it back in just to be sure that everything is kind of good to go over

3. Restore License

The next thing is you want to go to this is one of the interesting things that I found that kind of does work

You have to go into settings and go to user accounts and you want to do let's see i believe it was all right other they've changed it around I get confused what I keep switching for PS4 5 we're going to do restore licenses when you do this one

This is the interesting piece where when to do this a lot of Times there's like a server issue with the system itself, whereas this side updating it or it's not playing it because it thinks you don't actually own the content

This could be happening because your game sharing or other people have access to your account because you know you're giving it to them most of the times it kind of ends up happening because of that once you do this

Then you should restore playstation 5 license and try the game and then you should be good to go you should be able to like kind of play the application or the game or whatever this is happening