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How To Fix PS5 Error Code CE-100002-3|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PS5 Error Code CE-100002-3|A Helpful Guide

So this is the one where it either says something went wrong or it says faild to update an application

It's a bit of an odd error code and I'm going to kind of walk you through how to essentially get this fixed

A couple of things can be happening let's just say it's game like final fantacy,call of Duty,Fortnight whatever you know the latest update is basically not updating the application 

It just not updating it could have happened to app as well but i experiencing with games for now there's a couple of things you can do to fix this

You can fix PS5 error code CE-100002-3 by:

1. Delete the game

One of the more obvious one is you kind of go into just delete and delete the game you can also look at the version update history to see which is the latest one 

You have to make sure it is applicable but you can basically going to options and delete the game 

You can check manage game content as well to see what else is because this is like you're basically checking out what is causing the problem, what is the Root cause of this problem

So again first try to see if deleting the game itself kind of helps resolve this error you may want to kind of try it out do that 

2. Move items out of console

The other thing is a lot of people have said and I've got kind of like try to verify this and think I found some success in this 

If you're trying to install the application from or the updated via extended storage a lot of times you might have to move it from your extended storage to your console storage to be able to play the game something like cyberpunk or call of duty that's like massive

May be this extended storage is just not good enough and you want to transfer it over to your console and then move other items out of the console to extended you might want to do that

That's one of the things you might have to kind of do again and it's kind of sucks but that's the only one of the things I can think of that I was able to like find out how then I'm kind of like personally asked a couple subscribe to test out a warrant

3. Delete corrupted daved file

The other thing is you might have to do is go to console storage then into save data and see if there's anything corrupted for something for a specific game like Final Fantasy or whatever that was trying to update

Now then just click into the pencil and just kind of delete the saved file itself the corrupted one that also kind of helps fix this issue and helps end up downloading and resolving it

Those are like the few fixes i was able to kind of investigate and figure out for you guys just let me know in the comment section below if this helps you or not

If not let me know i will try to dive deeper into it and help you guys out



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