How To Make PS4 Games Automatically Install To Extended Drive PS5

How To Make PS4 Games Automatically Install To Extended Drive PS5

In this i want to show you how to almost always install games on your extended storage drive for your PlayStation 4 games

As you know is still in its infancy but it's Sony's gonna support PlayStation 4 for another three years at least three plus years and they've mentioned it

A lot of games that you might be downloading could be PlayStation 4/5 compatible and as you know if you have the OG player season 5 there's no extended storage or anything in the console itself you want to download those games onto the drive if you have the extended storage drive

You can make PS4 games automatically install to extended drive PS5 by going to Settings>Storage>Extended Storage>Enable Always Install PS4 Games To Extended Storage 

So the way you do this is you're going to go to settings and you're going to go to storage in there there's a section called extended storage Obviously if you have this, which is what I'm talking well, what you want to do is you want to say always install Playstation 4 games to the extended storage drive

So it'll be automatically selected if not make sure you select it and have it highlighted what this means is like you will go to console search in there there's certain games like Middle-earth just cause Final Fantasy and many more that are PlayStation 4 games you don't need them on the PlayStation 5 console 

They're very large as you can see a hundred gigs 60 gigs 53 gigs you don't want them on your console itself where you already have limited storage you only got 667 gigs free or not even free available of which only got 400 left and like if you will download on the big Cod games or one of the other few games that's it the console is done

So you want those games on your extended storage drive and the way you do it is you have this feature selected because the extended storage drive is 2 terabytes 

You can get it for $100 or less i think it's actually 60 or $70 Sony is going to make extended storage drives for the PlayStation 5 itself meaning it'll be an SSG drive that will be basically the read/write speed of the PlayStation 5 itself which gives it that insanely fast speed they have it

I believe they're working with the partners to create that the shortages are happening right now hands why they're kind of holding back this is one of the best things you can actually do if you specially have this storage issues