How to Redeem VBUCKS Using PSN Codes|Easy Method

How to Redeem VBUCKS Using PSN Codes|Easy Method

Fortnite season 6 is out and we've got Neymar and a few other animals added to the game

Now fortnite is also brought the pump back in all its glory and I know a lot of you guys are looking to buy the new battle pass and fly some chickens

So here we're going to be taking a look at how you can redeem PSN codes on your PlayStation console and then use those codes to buy V bucks with which you're going to be able to get the seasons brand new battle pass

This is an absolutely legit and ethical method and you're not going to get ban for doing this

I tried this on my PS 5 but you should absolutely be able to do this on your PS4 without any problem

Steps to redeem VBUCKS using PSN codes:

.Go to Settings



.Set up Internet connection

.Click on network

.Advance settings

.DNS settings

.Select Manual

.Primary DNS

.Secondary DNS

.Press OK and Save

. Get on to HOME page

.Go to Play store

.click on top right three dots

.Go to Redeem Code

.fill your 12 Character Voucher code

.Redeem voucher 

.Now go to Fortnite Lobby

.Go over to V-Bucks store

.Now hit purchase and confirm Purchase again

.Now V-Bucks are added to wallet 

.Use V-Bucks to buy brand new Battle Pass and Confirm Purchase

A Complete Helpful Step by step Illustrated Guide to redeem VBUCKS using PSN codes

1. The first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna head over to settings and then you're gonna go on to the network 

2. Then scroll down below go on to settings go on to set up internet connection

3. Now for those of you guys that are on your PS4 just keep following to the exact same steps and you should be good to go

4. Once setup Internet connection just click on your network and then go on to advanced settings 

5. Scroll down and go on to DNS settings select manual

6. Then you're going to be typing in the DNS for the primary DNS is going to be typing in and you're going to be typing in fo the secondary DNS is going to be typing in 1.0 0.1

7. So once you type in the DNS like just said above and it's gonna take a while to actually connect back to the internet

8. What you want to do is just head over to your home screen just go all the way back and go onto the PlayStation store

9. Now, let me tell you guys that the redeem codes page on the PlayStation files just a little bit different to navigate

10. So what you want to do is you're going to hit the three dots that you see in the top right corner of the screen and then scroll down and click on redeem code

11. Then once you get on redeem page you just going to be typing in your 12-character voucher code right there in box

12. Once you've typed in your code then scroll down and hit redeem and boom there you have it guys you decided to end all those to on it and it will add amount 

13. So now that we have a code redeem for tighter so that we can get some vbucks for our brand new battle pass 

14. Now once you redeemed code what we're gonna do right now is you have to go head back to the lobby. 

15. If you get 1000 V bucks from the code that you just redeem go ahead to VBUCKS store to purchase and purchase them and we're going to hit confirm purchase again

16. So it's instantaneous added,click back to game and VBUCKS are added to our wallet just like that

17. Now we're going to use these vbucks that we just added to our wallet to get the seasons brand new battle pass

18. So we gonna have to hit battle pass then confirm purchase and they have Chase the bad path is now unlocked and we're gonna get all the rewards that we usually get with the battle pass and this is pretty much how you do it guys

19. Now you can do this as many times as you like as long as you've got PSN codes that you can redeem

Hope i really help you to redeem PSN codes to buy VBUCKS,leave your opinions and comments to comment section👍