How To Check PS5 Controller Battery Life On Console And Save Battery Life

How To Check PS5 Controller Battery Life On Console And Save Battery Life

Hello guys I'm going to show you how to check your PlayStation five controllers battery life as well as how to preserve its battery life as well

1. So we're going to basically get ready the first thing is you want to tap the PlayStation button on your controller and once you do that, you'll see there's obviously a couple of settings 

2. We're going to click into the accessories in there you'll see your wireless controller first you'll be able to obviously see the batteries are in the controller's life itself

3. Now you want to kind of Click and go to control settings so this is where you'll be able to kind of play around with the controller and be able to essentially see and how to preserve its life to be able to use it longer work with a longer play games 

4. Sony kind of sucks with battery lives for controllers even the PlayStation 4 in the five i feel like the PlayStation five is a little bit better but it still kind of sucks

Honestly So I'm going to kind of show you what you can do to kind of preserve the life and you can be able to play it longer without being charged

5. The first thing you want to do is in the Vibration Intensity you may want to either make it weak or off i would prefer week just so you have still some of the feel of the game itself but again if it's like a high intense game that you really want it keep it strong

6. The other one is the Trigger Effect Intensity this is where the triggers itself is as even says when you're using your mic the microphone controller to the intensity is set to week but if you're not like the controller the trigger itself this is the L2 and R2 i believe where I don't know if you tried it played Cod or those they get hard to press down, they make it feel like a real gun per se,or a real

7. I guess it works with God's I've only did it with Call of Duty so they try to make it have that impact obviously it's not great for professional gamers but gives you a very realistic feel when you're playing the game you may want to turn it off or week

8. The biggest one is the Brightness Of Controller Indicators Now there's not a similar one as the PlayStation 4 but near your touchpad there is a white or a light coloring if you notice it around it that essentially does drain the battery so if you want to actually click into it you can make this into Medium or Dim then you will actually see lower the battery or the coloring significantly 

9. You can't change the Communication Method it's Bluetooth cable you could make it into USB if you wanted to see and then there's no point of doing all these things but you want to kind of do that to be able to if you want to or not but the other three settings on the main one that will help preserve your controllers life significantly longer would let you play in game longer without draining the battery life too much


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