How To Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-117065-0|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-117065-0|A Helpful Guide

In this article we are going to talk about how to fix a PlayStation 5 error code ce-117065-0 this is a bit of an odd error code that's happening where you're either not able to load your trophies or for some reason you can join party chats talk to friends all that other good stuff

So just to kind of give you an example the way you want unless you want to see your trophies if you press the PlayStation button on your PlayStation five controller 

You go over your name and you click trophies over there like it may not be loading there's a possibility like for some reason this is glitching out like a one fall guy trophy that's not your main PS4

If you have a lot of trophies FYI or you're trying to same place you're trying to add a friend chat at you know, why you're going to friends game base whatever or just trying to add a friend and you want to make a party etc

But you can't do it because of this specific error so there's a couple of things you can do that i found I've tested out that seemed to allegedly work

You can fix PlayStation 5 error code CE-117065-0 by:

1. System Software Update

So the first thing is you are going to do actually is go into system and let's see first make sure your playstation five is up-to-date

I actually saw a lot of issues happening because of this that you were not up to date so your console was basically the older version and it because of that there was like a server issue are happening

So when you go to System,system software and to system software update and just make sure if it's up to date and have the latest version update if not obviously updated 

2. Restore Licenses

The other thing is I have seen for some odd reason restoring licenses ends up helping i don't know why this is a bit odd but if you go to user an account go to other and doing restore licenses, press the restore button this actually ends up fixing the issue as well like I said

I don't know if it's because of these server issues that's causing this to occur but restoring the licenses actually ends up happening when I'm alone so definitely try this one out as well And it don't really take long

I also definitely recommend you trying to do the next one is i would just say make sure you have the primary PS4 activated on your console if you don't have that could be another reason why this is happening

Especially if you have someone else activated as a primary user on your console that could be another reason why this is happening so they actually recommend you kind of do that but that's like last steps on what you should try to do to basically ensure you're good to go

That's basically the three steps that i would recommend you to kind of try it out and kind of go from there you guys still have any comments,questions leave then on below comment box