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How To Get Full Refund On PS4 And PS5 Games In 2021|A Helpful Guide

How To Get Full Refund On PS4 And PS5 Games In 2021|A Helpful Guide

Let's know how to get a refund for your PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 games in 2021 

So basically now we are going through the step-by-step process on what you need to do from beginning to end to get a refund on any game that you purchase on the PS4 and PS5

A Complete Helpful Illustrated Guide To Get Full Refund On PS4 and PS5 Games 2021

1.Now we're going to basically go to this website and essentially on how to request a refund 

2.If it's not cyberpunk you can continue if it is cyberpunk there's a completely different portal for getting a refund for cyberpunk that's how trash that game was

3. If you are still one of those poor suckers who have not yet gotten a refund now moving on if you are trying to get a refund what you're going to do is you're going to above website page 

4. Once you're there see option below you can if you want to read the cancellation policy to give you a perspective of what you can or can't do a refund 

5. You can almost get a refund on anything as the people on the comments they'll help you out but you what you want to do is you want to essentially talk to the refund chat box and this is the stuff that you got to basically tell the refund chat box 

6. A lot of people usually get confused here there will be a automated refund chatbox who you're going to talk to they are going to ask where you are the owner of the account to say Yes

7. Say why you want a refund save your returning game or add-on they're going to ask for more info just say it's not working properly because you know that's obviously the reason why you're returning it and the fastest way to get help is via a chat 

8. Then they're going to give you a support ID keep that support ID you're going to want to make sure you copy this a lot of people got stuck here like oh my God, what do I do now 

9. Now you just talk to them you connect to the chat or you call them i hate talking to people on the phone it's like maybe you don't want to call you want to cut talk to the chat

10. I've heard conflicting stories like I've gotten help through the chat before I've got I was charged and hacked once for $700,I got my money back via chat i don't know why people say they don't like chat they say they are unhelpful 

11. You probably had a bad rep that day i really don't like to call and I've had bad experiences on call also so it's I feel like it's up to you 

12. But you can either do call you can talk to the phone with a human being or you can do chat which is also a human being but just virtual so that's it

13. You just give the support ID you tell them the situation like hey, I bought Skyrim let's just say it and it was extremely glitchy, It's not working, It was a very bad game i just can't play it for the life of me it keeps crashing I need my money back

14. They will actually give you your money back again you got to have a legitimate enough reason and you just got to let them know like hey, this is what's happening, this is a situation 

15. You can't just say I don't like this game don't say that to them say you know it's glitchy there's something wrong with the game, which is most likely reason why returning it then you should be good to go

16. Then just say that again not if you know got a fraud is only if there's am assuming you are obviously returning for an actual fault

17. Let them know the actual thing and the wraps are very supportive and helpful again its not like the other stores where steam I believe gives you 2 weeks you can just return any game

18. I think I like Oculus has its two weeks and two hours i feel like that's enough to like let you know if the game is crappy or not and you can return it Yeah, basically you kind of do that you are down the road and you're good to go

19. You can even actually mention it just happened to me once actually if a game was fine and then a certain Quest or something it just breaks and you literally can't progress the main story line you can get your money back

20. That's the major flaw on a game and the developers actually so you can actually kind of say that to get your money back as well that's happened to me so that was an interesting scenario and one kind of like t 

That's basically that's all you got to do in moving you can get your place in the four and five games money back and you're good to go

If you guys have any comments, questions let me know in the comment section below 



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