Apple's iPadOS 15 Features And Specifications WWDC 2021

Apple's iPadOS 15 Features And Specifications WWDC 2021

Apple's Big Switch to M1

Apple just did a massive bait-and-switch when it comes to the iPad for years the iPads chip has benchmarked a lot higher than not a lot of PC's and for years 

We've been wondering what all that power is doing cooped up inside an iPad there are of course a lot of people who use the iPad as a laptop replacement but when it comes to more demanding work flows like Pro 

Workflow is we need to do a lot of work with files the iPad quickly becomes a bit of a chore to use so when an apple put their best chip inside the iPad all these years it's simple 

They were using the iPad as a way for them to test out their best chip ideas build up their expertise and ultimately put the iPad chip inside a Mac in Call of the M14 

Truth is the Apple M1 is actually just the next generation of the iPad processor with some fancy marketing on top it of-course a very powerful chip

They blows away the competition or the mac and now apples had brilliant idea to put that iPad chip which is now called the M1 inside an iPad Pro and call that a revolution which is basically what they would have done in any case

I suspect this has been apples plan all along and that's why they're so confident in a prediction that they can put Apple silicon in all their Max in early two years

So now that's the M1 is inside the iPad and in most of their Max and they're running Apple silicon and although devices

What's Next For iPadOS ?

What does that unified chip strategy mean for the future of the iPad and more importantly what does that mean for the future of iPad OS Well I've had a waist be absorbed into Mac OS World, Mac OS, replace iPad always 

It evolved to such a point where it looks exactly like Mac OS at the moment choosing between the mac and the iPad can feel the little a little bit like a trade-off. 

Seeing as though iPad OS is just not as capable as Mac OS when you compare the two iPad OS is just incredibly basic sometimes and that's not entirely a bad thing

On the plus side i had Lewis it's remarkably focused too easy to use and snappy it's light and friendly and looks amazing these are the qualities that make iPadOS amazing and easy to use 

Apple will need to tread carefully to avoid breaking all the good things about the OS other downside I've had arrays can be done but frustrating Apple refuses to acknowledge that the iPad is a real computer and treated more like a big phone 

At this point I've had a ways is at an awkward teenage phase at the moment where it's doesn't really know what it wants to be It's somewhere on the path between phone and full blown computer and iPad osu's to be only two-thirds of the way there

The last third of that journey to being a full blown computer is where all the good stuff, Stuff lives things like full external monitor support 

A real desktop-class browser, real file management with a real finder some kind of desktop window Taps, Pro apps, like Final Cut Pro and of course developer tools like xcode better is 15 should pull out all the stops and set the iPad free and the odds of that happening are extremely Slim

Full External Monitor Support on iPadOS 15

So you want full external monitor support You can kind of forget about that this feature requires Apple to completely redesign the home screen enable window adapts and completely break apples precious grid of apps

Apple will see the benefits of adding this feature wait up against the number of people who will actually use it compare that number to how it would impact Macbook Sales and come to the conclusion that is too damaging to the bottom line to make it a reality by adding external monitor support they'll completely threatened the Mac line up the odds of a day 

Desktop Class Browser/Full Chrome On iPad Pro

A class browser coming to the iPad also extremely slim web apps, threatened app, store sales, and we'll disincentivize developers from creating iPad apps

The number of apps in the App Store at the moment is a major difference therefore apple and it's a big selling point for when people look to buy an iPad

Pro Apps on M1 iPad Pro

If you're waiting for Pro apps on the iPad you may need to wait a little bit longer that's because Apple won't allow any apps onto the iPad without it being touched optimized

What that means is that if you want to bring an app like Final Cut Pro over to the iPad you need to resize and optimize all the inputs for touch that means that you can't have small inputs like you can on the desktop because obviously all the desktop you have a full courser and a pointed cursor which and doesn't simulate touch

Which means that all the features you use on Final Cut on the desktop would fit onto the smaller iPad screen which of course means that the developer will need to drop a whole bunch of features

If you don't believe me just look at what the Dobby had to do to set full Photoshop onto the iPad it doesn't really work like the desktop app and too difficult to use and it's one of those places where they are just too many compromises for it to be a useful app

Xcode on iPadOS 15

If you want to develop apps on the M1 iPad Pro also forget about that one who would much rather sell developers to devices instead of oneplus developers beed more access to the OSB of the terminal which input would surely deem as a security risk i predict that the terminal will never come to the iPad

iPadOS holds the iPad back

Apple loves to boast how they strive to make the best products for their users and how everything they do is in service of the user experience but in the case of iPad erase that is simply not true

Apple Engineers are smart enough to find ways to preserve iPads legendary Simplicity while enabling power users to do more i hear from a lot of people who want to switch to the iPad full time and no longer use the MacBook or the mac and the reason why they can't is usually iOS

Better race is great for a lot of people and yes there are many people who use the iPad as a laptop replacement but if you have a pro workflow something that involves a lot of video or something like a user experience role or something we need to move a lot of files around or open different file types or share a lot of files that becomes very difficult on the iPad because 

Because it's so limiting and you just have to do things in a much more constrained way than you can on Mac OS at the moment before I paired with 15 as announced at WWDC next month there is simply no reason to buy the top-of-the-range iPad Pro with two terabytes of storage and a 16 gigabytes of RAM this configuration will set you back 2149 pounds which is almost the price of an entry-level

MacBook Pro with 512 gigabytes of storage the difference however is that you can do a lot more Of the MacBook Pro where you can run any app you like and it has more ports on a larger screen the downside of course is that it's an Intel MacBook

The most fans spinny bulky, touch bar, having ugly, laptop, Apples ever made don't get me wrong I'd love to be wrong about all these points


I hope that next month at WWDC Apple pie all the stops and that they turn the iPad into a much more capable computer where they preserve the Simplicity for people who don't know anything about computers but also allow power to users to do more on their tablets so be sure to bookmark this video and come back at a later stage after wwdc