How To Fix Modern Warfare Or Warzone Copying Add-Ons on PS4,PS5,Xbox(COD Crash)

How To Fix Modern Warfare Or Warzone Copying Add-On on PS4,PS5,Xbox(COD Crash)

You Can Fix Modern Warzone or Warzone Copying Add-On By:

1. Follow these simple steps once you are in the Call of Duty menu system right there where you can see Black Ops cold war war zone and Modern Warfare

2. Just press "Options" when you get to the screen i know if you're copying add-ons every time you launch the game this can take like 30 minutes just to get to this screen but go ahead and follow these steps

3. Now once you press options go over to the "General" tab then press up on your d-pad and go to "Game Installs" select this with X 

4. Now once you have all the game files fetched go down and go to "Campaign Pack 1,Campaign pack 2 and then Special ops pack"

5. Let's go to campaign pack 1 and press X on this and it's going to go ahead and load up the PlayStation store or the Xbox store and you'll be able to see the download size for them

6. So you have to find the campaign pack under there if you are on the PlayStation 5, on the PlayStation 4 this is going to look a lot different

7. So download the campaign packs they are only 1.0 megabyte if you look right there it says 1.5 megabytes and everything else is like 10 gigabytes

8. So these are very small download so here's campaign pack you are going to download this so there's campaign pack one right there and these are one megabyte 

9. The special path you want to download the Special ops pack this is also 1 Megabyte so anything you can find on there that's one megabyte download

10. So that's downloading right now and everything else is such a large file size then you get to these three items they're only one made light and that will take you like a fraction of a second to download even if you have very poor internet

11. You have to download all those and they should be installed there very shortly so download "Campaign pack 1,2 and Special Ops" These are all the ones that are one megabyte so that should allow you to fix this issue with your copy and add-on

If you're still going issue make sure you're cleaning out your desk and making sure your disk is readable,if you are having a little bit of heirs it should be fixed by doing these downloads