How to Fix The PlayStation 4&5 Error Code WS-44369-6,Friends List Not Loading

How to Fix The PlayStation 4&5 Error Code WS-44369-6,Friends List Not Loading

The PlayStation 4&5 error code WS-44369-6 show when your friends list just is loading and you can't start a party

So let's go ahead and jump into how to fix this right now with the new party update system to the PlayStation 4 and the Station 5, sometimes your friends list just will not load and you can't invite people to a party and play together

If you go to your friends list your friends may not load under the all friends however, if you have some custom List look under your custom list and try to create a custom list then go down to follow and see if your follow list will work as well as you can see

You also see under you following so go through that list and see and you can select their profile and invite them to a party 

Otherwise under the "Now Playing"section they may be there as well or under played together the recent players if you just recently played with when your friends like the last play session you were on

You can go ahead and invite them to a party through that so once you get to their profile go to the party option right there and start a party chat

Now, another thing I can think of is if you go to messages you may have previous messages with that person, so go through there and find the person that you want to invite to your party

Let's say this X person right there select their name by going to the players option up there, go to their profile and invite them to your party and follow them go to chat and party or send message

So check the messages Center or if you have like a game like Call of Duty uploaded so once you're in the game, you could actually select their profile and then send them a party invite by going to the chat option once again 

Otherwise just talk to him through the game settings as well once you have the party chat open if you have any favorite groups or anything you can invite everyone from that group or you can search for players this will work as well and select them and confirm and add them to the party to your friends list  

It's easy to go ahead and still invite them to a party chat Just takes a little bit more effort.