How To Fix The PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-100005-6|Problem Reading Disk Error

How To Fix The PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-100005-6|Problem Reading Disk Error

This is a weird error that pops up when you are trying to put in your playStation five discs into your PS5 or PS4 disk

If for some reason this error pops up it just doesn't install or turn on it just gives it an error because it's not able to read the disk

You can fix the PlayStation 5 error code CE-100005-6 it problem reading disk error by:

1. Insert Disc Correctly

The first thing is it's going to do is just make sure you're inserting the disc correctly you may think the disk side it's mostly on the left side it sounds stupid and silly but it's weird happened to many

2. Clean Disc and unplug and Plugin PS5

Try to take out the disk and clean it then unplug your PlayStation 5 the power cord itself and replug it back in and try again a lot of times is because of that 

For some reason there's like some system software error that's causing it to not read the disc and essentially causing this issue kind of put it back in and see if that helps alleviate this issue 

3. Check Problem Is With Console Or Disc

If you have another disk hopefully PlayStation 4 or 5 put it in and see if it reads that there's a slight chance that maybe that disc itself is the issue and not the console

It could be that a scratched up or has issues or all that other stuff is possibly happening to that disc instead of the console itself so check and be sure to be able to kind of see if it's the disc or not 

4. Delete Corrupted File

Now if all these fails to fix what you actually do is one of the things is you want to make sure that if the disc is kind of there,there's an update downloading delete the disc or the copy of the download you'll see it like over there like when you press Play Station in the download bar over there is a possibility that file or download is corrupt or so just delete it

5. Reinstall or Re-download

If it's on the main console just press options and delete it from there and let it re-downloader,recopy or reinstall to just kind of like remove that possibility of that their happening because you want to make sure it's a fresh clean slate and start and kind of go from there most of these errors and you should be kind of able to resolve them and fix it 

In worst case It's kind of like reformat your playStation five but I highly doubt it's due to that if it is just let me know in the comment section below if you have any comments or questions