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How To Fix playStation 5 Error Code CE-107891-6|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix playStation 5 Error Code CE-107891-6|A Helpful Guide

This is a error pops up when you're either downloading a game or update or slide most likely copying it from an external drive

There's a few ways you can fix this but the biggest one is the game itself that you're trying to copy there's a very high possibility that it has been corrupted in the external drive or even in the download in general

So what you're going to do is if it's a game that was like in question if it's in the external drive you might have to actually delete it from the external drive and if it copied over somewhat delete the actual game is solved by pressing options and then just deleting it or like I said from the external drive itself 

The way you're going to resolve this is once you do that restart a PlayStation 5 and go back to the PlayStation store and actually redownload the game since it was from your PSN initially because you're copying it from the 4 to the 5 It's appears in game you're going to just have to go back to the PlayStation Store

Search for the game with the top right hand corner and then redownload the game directly, It's gonna suck if it's a game play COD or something that is gonna take forever do apologize but again like i said copy from the external hard drive to the internal SSD is what is seems to be causing this issue because of some corruption 

You have to delete the game in question and redownload it and then you should be good to go this kind of helps fix this issue and you guys are kind of go to go from there if you guys have any comments question just let me know the comment section below 


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