How To Fix The PlayStation 5 Error Code SU-101337-5 |A Helpful Guide

How To Fix The PlayStation 5 Error Code SU-101337-5 

This is when you're trying to install again the PlayStation 5 update and for some odd reason it just doesn't update is saying if there's an error, there's an issue happening and it just faills to install

A quick fix for this is you want to click into the PlayStation button and when you see like a download section over there you want to actually click into that download button and then just delete that update 

Because most likely that update itself was corrupted new to whatever reason you did, bad internet or bad for some network error it just corrupted the software and corrupted the update and is not downloading because of that the way you down a deleted 

Let's just say go to Notifications you going to click into options and you're gonna see the delete button and you're going to just press delete and it's gonna delete the update You wanted then restart your PlayStation 5 and then either let it just update on its own 

Now just go back into systems and click into system software update and to update system software update using internet and over there you'll see the update you want to just kind of let it run from there and then just let it ride

It'll update the console and then you should be kind of good to go if for whatever reason this kind of feels you could you don't have to go to the safe mode to do this you can actually reset your PlayStation console from there itself

It will delete everything on your console which kind of sucks but doing this will kind of like cleanup or reduce any issues or possibly that you had delete it reinstall the system software and then you should kind of be good to go from there

There are extremes of you going to safe mode but so you guys can let me if this doesn't work for you