How To Fix PS4 Error Code WS-37368-7|PSN Banned Due To Chargeback

How To Fix PS4 Error Code WS-37368-7|PSN Banned Due To Chargeback

In this article I'm going to show you how to resolve the PlayStation 4 error WS-37368-7 So this is a Playstation band that happens due to a charge back in you're probably like very confused like what is happening,What just happened

So I'm gonna kind of show you one how to resolve this and to kind of figure out like what exactly happened

So there's a possibility that someone you can request a chargeback from your financial provider on a PlayStation purchase it's very possible some of that you or your spouse or even yourself sometimes happen to me 

When you get the purchase from PayPal or some other whatever is placed and for some reason it looks like an unrecognizable charge and you just do a chargeback financial institutions will mostly always do a chargeback

That just means they won't take pending transaction to go through or they'll just retrieve the money that was paid within a reasonable amount of time and then when that happens usually companies such as PlayStation

They don't take too fondly off that because that's like saying you got the game ,you played the game for example with Sony now you're just getting the money back they will bend you for that

So there is a reason on how you can like there you can actually explain to them tell them like this was our own and it is done by either your parents or you or your spouse or something whatever you can say,whatever the situation was and I'm going to kind of share this link to you

So it's actually fairly hard to find i don't know why they make it like 

You can fix PS4 error code WS-37368-7,PSN banned due to chargeback by:

1. Go to the link 👉LINK HERE

2. Click restore account access
3.Over there,there's like a couple of reasons like what you're trying to do and the only it's applicable to you is you're banned suspended for account for a chargeback 
4.Give your first legal name
5.Give your last name your email
6.Give your phone number
7.Give your country
8.Give your PSN online ID in your PSN
9.Give your sign in ID should be the same thing 
10.Now you can just say what happened,What the reason was you gotta let them know, you can send the email and then you should be good to go
11.They will respond back hopefully within three to five business days 

I know it's been kind of tough because of covid but hopefully they will be responding back shortly you can also call them or do a support chat

You can talk to them via chat tell them like it this happened I apologize You can recharge m, I told the bank, this was a mistake like whatever the situation is and they will restore your account

They got this more team is able to kind of restore your account right there and then as well as long as the charges are charged back there is no balance due from you to Sony and then you kind of good to go from there