How To Fix The PS5 error WS-116330-4|Account Banned/Suspended

How To Fix The PlayStation 5 error WS-116330-4|Account Banned/Suspended

This is a PlayStation 5 account suspension or that basically pops up when you're trying to like login you gives you a network error that your account suspended and you're probably just sitting there like, what are you talking about? I didn't do anything

Because that's this has happened to many and they didn't do anything who was suspended and banned many people got no emai aboutl so it is kind of suck on Sony's part

They say we sent you an email which is a lie you rarely ever get an email to check your spam if may be you got it but i never received one of the few people I've spoken to don't receive one and it kind of sucks

So what you want to kind of do to like resolve this error as far as you want to reach out to Sony first actually be sure you didn't do anything actually wrong to Warrant a suspension if you obviously didn't great 

If you did kind of like stink of how to like alleviate or kind of go around the situation most likely you didn't because they were saying you were hacking and you didn't do anything wrong 

But anyways what you have to do is go to Sony website you have to contact their live agent support normally if you go to like finding from Sony itself and said oh, I'm bad, What do I do? They tell you nothing and say we can't do anything at all their basic generic versions say no

But what you want to do is in chat portion and they've kind of made in this as well you actually want to take the live chat 

Then put your name, put your email,your PSN ID and request the chat site so you can do one of two things

they request a child site which I find much more helpful than easy or talk to them on the phone which I feel like takes a lot longer and just kind of like discuss it with the Sony europe like, hey, I did nothing wrong and you banned me what is the situation was the status,either they'll lift it right away

Tey'll tell you it's a temporary suspension for some BS reason and they'll go away after X days or they'll kind of push for all you can never get reinstated which you that portion

You have to fight and push for it and literally defend yourself stating you did nothing wrong and you most likely will be able to be successful you just got to play your cards right So, that's why we're kind of throwing that in there 

Basically like I said if you most likely did not do anything against something crazy like hate crime or you know like something like usually the biggest one hated threat you can't have those two main things like I said

A lot of people get suspended for absolutely no reason people just support them and you get suspended so you can actually fight them like you'll just review the thing there's no hate or anything someone just reported me for no reason because they're salty

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