How To Recover Your PS4,PS5 Account With No Password Or Email | PSN Hacked

How To Recover Your PS4,PS5 Account With No Password Or Email | PSN Hacked

I'm going to basically show you in this tutorial how to recover your account with or without an email address

I know a lot of people have been getting hacked i want to make like an updated tutorial to show you what you can do to kind of get your account back

The first thing is you want to kind of go to this 👉 WEBSITE playStation this works for every country you're not strict like restricted to the US or Up

So don't worry about whichever country once you're there you want to kind of search or you want to click into and get to the section of account reset your password

When you do that you're going to get to this PlayStation by it Automatically going to throw you at spot in there box is going to ask you kind of couple questions you're going to say I'm ready

It's going to say do have access or whatever so the final question that kind of ask is do you have access to the email that's associated with the PlayStation account that was hacked

Let's say you actually have access to the email and you can still kind of access that email you've already changed the emails Password you're good to go

You can say, yes, they'll just send a reset password you'll be good to go change your PlayStation password because you'll obviously reset it and put two authentication or your mobile phone to be able to login for moving forward

I have the mobile off a mobile phone verification so i can't get hacked anymore because i have been hacked in the past if you don't have it which i feel like i might be a lot of you because you either lost access to that account or that also got hacked the email address itself of what is going to say Is this final step

You know if you're on you're not able to sign into that Email is linked to your account you're going to have to talk to a live agent so you actually press. OK I understand 

I don't know if it's going to let talk right immediately or may not because sometimes there's a possibility that okay, so perfect so over there when you do that it will give you like a support ID

You're going to literally click connect me to chat and if it's available, I know it's not 24/7 If it's available within that time frame, talk to the chat, let them know the situation they will ask you certain questions has to verify it is you like your name, your address

They might check it against your IP a lot of companies do that sometimes they might go a little bit further It's all dependent on like what's happening because they can't see like, okay, this person for five years used to login from x...ip now, all of a sudden over, like, in New York for now, all of a sudden they're in Mumbai,India like this is obviously something happened you know like what just happened

So they do have senses like that they do kind of dive into those specific things to figure out what has so you're gonna just do connect me to chat you're going to talk to a live person Like I said, explain the situation. Say what happened 

Like I don't have access to that because that also got hacked, I apologize, get. Whatever information you can let them know whatever they ask you can prove to you it was you by saying,I purchased this game,I use this credit card again they'll ask for many specific verification purposes

That may go very deep or not but again this is like one of the best things you can kind of do to dive into it to get what you need and to make get your account back 

That's basically it, if you guys You have any comments questions? Concerns, just let me know in the comment section below more than happy to help you guys