How To Upload Videos To YouTube From PlayStation 5|Start Gaming Channel

How To Upload Videos To YouTube From PlayStation 5|Start Gaming Channel

To become the next God gamer like PewDiePie out there I don't know if people thought that anyway so I'm going to basically show you what to do

This is a fairly simple and easy tutorial on how to show you like what to do but a lot of people usually do get stuck they actually don't even know where to access a problem

1. First your PlayStation 5 console, and even your PlayStation 4 console is a recording device itself you can actually record gameplay within the console itself l

2. If you have the recorded the video what you are going to do is there's a thing called media Gallery in your PlayStation 5

3. That video holds great on the game screen you can search for it as well i called to find it but you can click into it to get it to it

4. Once you're in there you'll see there's a couple of stuff like favorite albums all that other good stuff and you can kind of like have a sort and you can filter on it and you'll see there's like either the gallery itself or videos 

5. The videos obviously have the play button and the pictures are just a picture itself so you can see if you wanted to upload this just cause video that's 30 seconds long 

6. If you click into the options button you'll see a couple of stuff happening one you can actually edit it and share Factory Studio which is its Some editor which is amazing i don't recall to the best of my knowledge if XBox has this but places it does is you can literally edit your videos in the PlayStation itself

7. So you don't need a crazy PC,you don't need a crazy editor,you can do it all within the console itself if you're starting a YouTube channel which I recommend everyone to actually do definitely go for it try it out and kind of upload and take it from there

8. But anyways you can press the share button over there first as you can clearly see it says my YouTube is if it wasn't linked it are you delaying So for example, just like Twitter it's not linked is going to say come to this page is going to say linked account 

9. What you want to do is you want to actually press this is going to then go to the API section you put your username, you put your password, you give the access to the authorization and you can goood to go once you actually do that step

10. I want to kind of show you you can wear to upload it so once the YouTube is like you're going to click into YouTube and you're going to see right there that everything is there you can put your title, you can put the description and the tags and then the privacy setting

11. If you wanted my advice is you could do the uploads from there but always make it private because it's a lot harder to do the typing there the description and the tags is usually a lot easier to do it from the PC itself but or it's up to you your phone or PC or laptop whatever you prefer

12. But like I said you can just make it private and that's it that soon as you press the upload button just for the sake of kind of showing it you're going to see this gets up added to the downloads upwards one

13. So, if you press the PlayStation button on your controller you're going to see right there it's going to be uploaded it gives you a time obviously depending on your internet connection If it's good or bad it may say sometimes and also you can upload in 4k as well

It's very dependent on you how your recording the game higher recording the content and how long is it because you can make it very long so if you trying to do like very long but the walkthroughs for say you want to come you may want to kind of do it over just push it but it rest mode and go to sleep and let it off 

Here's this is a quick tutorial on basically starting your YouTube channel and become the next biggest Gaming YouTuber


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