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M1 iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 4|How To Choose Guide

M1 iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 4|How To Choose Guide

Why it's difficult to choose an iPad

Choosing an iPad is a lot different from choosing a Mac or a laptop first you need to decide why you need an iPad and first place if your iPad is going to be your secondary device meaning you'll still be doing a lot of work on your MacBook

You may want to choose the iPad Air but if you're planning on replacing your MacBook and going iPad only the decision becomes a lot harder but let's look at all the variables so we can make an informed decision to look and feel of both the iPad air and the pro 


These are remarkably similar the main aesthetic difference is obviously the number of color options if you're into color coding and have thing beautiful objects in your life they are is the one to go for the pro and fortunately only comes in two colors at the moment silver and space gray 

Air is very similar to the iMac at the moment which comes in a variety of beautiful colors the next physical difference is the camera layout and size 

Lidar Scanner

The pro has two cameras and a lidar sensor which can be used for more accurate as our experiences at the moment there are lots of great AR games but none of them are really good enough for me to say that i need my iPad with the lidar scanner the air has slightly thicker bezels that the pro this might not be that noticeable unless you put the arrow next to the iPad Pro personally

I don't like the look of the commensals especially on a device the small but they do make it slightly easier to hold the iPad Air because you have more space to put your finger


Then we need to talk about the displays the biggest consideration when you're buying an iPad is obviously the screen that's because the iPad is basically just as green when you buy an iPad getting the best display for your needs is absolutely crucial

The M1 iPad Pro touchscreen is one of the best touch screens Apple has ever shipped in any of their devices here again it's likely more confusing seeing as though the the eliminator 

iPad Pro has a slightly different display to the twelve point nine inch iPad Pro the 12th would not 9 inch has the best display which is similar to Apple's Pro display XTR technology that you see in their high-end desktop monitors which enables its to produce darker and richer blacks because it can turn off pixels in different regions on the screen got 

That air has a slightly different display called a liquid Retina Display which is really fantastic and sharp crisp and clear but it's really can't compete with the quality of the more expensive version in the largest iPad Pro 

If you're planning on using your iPad mainly for photo and video editing i would recommend you get the M1 12.9 inch iPad Pro there is simply no better display available in any iPad right now


The iPad Air and the smaller iPad Pro have the same footprint even though they have two different screen sizes being the same size and shape also makes it possible for the iPad Air to Share accessories with the iPad Pro 

That means that if you buy the magic keyboard for the 11 inch iPad Pro you can share that with the iPad Air because it's the same size and uses the same spotb connector other accessories that fit the iPad Pro will obviously also fit the iPad

Magic Keyboard

Moving on to the magic keyboard the magic keyboard is one of the best accessories for everybody it's also one of the most expensive accessories you'll ever need for your iPad

It's almost the same price as an Apple Watch but you get what you pay for it's an absolutely excellent accessory the magic keyboard fun essentially changes the way you use your iPad because it turns your iPad from being just a tablet into something that works a lot more like a laptop

It's a combination of tablets and magic keyboard turns the iPad into something that feels a lot more like a real Mac and once you start using it you kind of get that you're not using a real laptop

USB Vs Thunderbolt

The iPad Air and the M1 iPad Pro both come with a USBC connector well they're fundamentally different attack or the iPad Pro has the Apple in one chip inside which means it can drive larger monitors such as the pro display xdr, the iPad Air

Unfortunately can only drive smaller displays of up to about 4K and yet again just because ports look similar that doesn't mean that it performs the same the iPad Air has slower data transfer speeds with external hard drives and the M1 iPad Pro

So again if you're buying an iPad with the goal of turning that into your primary computer and use it with any Excel displays you may want to go for the M1 iPad Pro because it's just a little bit more future-proof than the IPad Air and of-course we can't forget about

Apple Pencil

The most exciting and iPads accessory which is the Apple so the great thing about the new design of the air and the iPad Pro is that the apple pencil snaps magnetically on to the side and also charges wirelessly a while attached to the side of the iPad which is super convenient

The only downside to this design is that's the magaz aren't very strong which means that if you put the iPad into your backpack the apple pencil May dislodge. Because again the about two magnets are just not that strong

Touch ID Vs Face ID

The iPad Air has Touch ID but no face ID and the M1 iPad Pro has Face ID but no touching of the twi I kind of prefer having touch ID

The iPad Air is just so much more convenient to unlock with Touch ID then face ID that's because even if your face is where it's close to the iPad Pro with face sometimes does not pick up your face which means you kind of have to bow down at the past to bring your fists closer to the screen 

With the iPad Air you can just Reach out touch the power button click it once and erase your finger there and it'll opens the display instantly and I kind of prefer the way the iPad Air does Biometrics 

Performance Comparison

When it comes to Performance the M1 iPad Pro is the clear winner that's because it comes with the Apple M1 chip inside which is the same chip that has been revolutionized apples Mac line up

This unified chip architecture means that we could be seeing lots of big changes at WWDC That's your vibrato is because now theoretically Apple could move Mac OS to the iPad Pro and unify the entire experience or give users the options to use iPad ways or Mac OS on their devices

Another Factor that's effects performance on the iPad is also how much RAM you can find in the iPad up until the M1 IPad Pro Apple never reported how much RAM they have in an iPad because they kind of think of the iPad Air and all the iPads or came before it as a larger version of the iPhone instead of it being a full blown computer or laptop replacement that changed with the M1 iPad Pro and now you can get up to 16 gigabytes of RAM in the 1 & 2. Terabytes iPad Pro Models once you decide what you want to use


I've had for you need to also look at which one fits into your budget i think than Apple with the iPad Air created a device with fantastic performance of really great screen, the perfect size, and lots of great accessories, and everybody like that are and even if you want to use the iPad Air as a laptop replacement

You'll get pretty far with that because it's a really excellent device at a really great price the M1 iPad Pro starts off at a fairly Be reasonable price but you probably want more storage than just why are 128 gigabytes if you're planning on using it as a laptop replacement I would recommend 

Whether you're going with the iPad Air or the iPad Pro that you start with something like 256 kilobytes. Instead of just 128 especially if you planning on using the iPad is your only computer you could fill up that space pretty quickly even when you have iCloud storage enabled

If you're not worried about the budget and you want to get the best i still would not get the two terabyte model for the froak I would get the one terabyte models just so that you can have 16 gigabytes of RAM lots of storage for videos and photos and also because we don't know how iPad 2 is going to change you probably want the best model with the most Ram so that matters

WWDC21:What could be coming to iPad OS 15

You can take advantage of quite possibly Pro apps different way of multitasking, and also possibly a different way of using Excel monitors coming as WWDC 

The Verdict

If you're a student or if you're still at school I would say that the iPad Air is the perfect one to get yet if you're using the iPad for work or if you're using it as your primary computer I would say that the M1 iPad Pro is the one to go for

What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below


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