Surface Laptop Vs Surface Pro|A Detailed view Guide

Surface Laptop Vs Surface Pro|A Detailed view Guide

We are going to comparing two of Microsoft's latest surface products have got the fancy brand new Surface laptop as well as the new 2017 Surface Pro or effectively the Surface Pro 

The most obvious difference between them is the fact that this is a traditional clam shell laptop that's as far as it goes back whereas this is a proper tablet with a keyboard dock

You can completely disconnect it you got the adjustable kick stand at the back which goes back even further now compared to the Surface Pro Form and I'm sure you can then use it as a full Windows 10 tablet

It's also got the optional keyboard there which costs extra you've got from pain which cost successor if you're going to get it out fully ultimates of creative tablet accessories 

You'll have to spend a couple hundred more but this is the main advantage of going for the Surface Pro over the laptop because you can't use it like a tablet


In terms of size the Surface Pro is a bit small as a twelve point three inch screen versus 13.5 inch screen it's also a bit more lightweight at about 780 grams without a keyboard versus 1.25 kilograms on the surface laptop in terms of thickness well, once you have the keyboard in, there's not a whole lot in it

Build quality and Design

The fact is these are both beautiful devices build quality is exceptional on both as expect considering the price and that this is from a premium Microsoft Surface lineup

But the other big difference in terms of design is with the keyboard and trackpads the Surface Pro is well it's a detachable keyboard it feels a bit Hollow it's not quite as nice to use a trap had smaller it's serviceable but it isn't as nice as a laptop a surprising how much of a difference a slightly nicer than bigger trackpad and more comfortable keyboard makes to the overall usability and how nice product is to actually use

New Alcantara Fabric

Another thing to mention is this new Alcantara fabric which seems to be getting everyone a bit riled up I'm not sure how much I really like it I'm a bit on the fence it is nice,stylish it wipeable I can't walk out if i like it so I'll leave that to you and I'm going to give you a verdict on that


One problem they both have is a bit of a limited Port selection we've only got one USB 3 and one display port

The surface power connector through and a headphone jack and on surface pro your to get a Micro SD card reader that is unfortunately the USB-C which expands its light last even more money and it's more stuff to carry around with you

I think it will be really good to have a USB-C as well just for future proofing because even though it's still quite a New port going forward and that's couple of years it's going to become a lot more ubiquitous 


For the displays while they're both stunning and use Microsoft's pixel sensor technology because these Surface Pro is a bit small and also slight high-resolution

We can look at 267 PPI on the surface and 201 PPI on the laptop now it's not a big difference and most of us play wouldn't be noticed but if you do want the sharpest and the crispest the most high resolution display then you can have to go with the pro 

Speed, Storage and Performance

As for Speed and Performance well there's not really much to compare because they both run the latest seventh generation Intel KB like chips the Surface Pro starts at the bottom end with a M3 you can also get i5 and i7 but the Surface Pro is the only one to offer a one terabyte SSD

I mean tons and tons of storage and can expect to easily do some moderate video editing and photo shopping and things like that probably not much gaming because we do still have integrated Graphics that's of battery life

Battery Performance

Microsoft claim the surface laptop is good for 14 and a half hours versus 13 and a half hours on the Surface Pro 2017 but there's an issue with that and that's because that is quoted based on the surface laptop running Windows 10s so we'll just turn this is more like wait it's more secure ER well speed advantages to it

I suspect once you upgrade this out of Windows 10s to the pro we may also see a bit of a heat and battery life is now a quick mention on Windows ten while this does come with it for the first year

Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

You can upgrade completely free to fall Windows 10 Pro so most people are suspect we'll be doing that i would certainly do that if I were to keep it and after that it's only $50 off 50 pounds so it's not a big deal


A couple of other things to mention while they both have front facing cameras which support Windows hello for unlocking it with your face the Surface Pro

A tablet also comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera sometimes a price this is where things get a little bit more interesting a bit more complicated as well so this protest have the lowest entry price looking at 799 pounds of some hundred and ten dollars for the M3 model without any accessories and that also only comes with kids around


I want to use of storage so I wouldn't really go for that one the model i would suggest for both is the mid-tier I-5 with 256 gigabytes of storage and 8 gigs of RAM. And finally they both cost the same for that looking at 1250 pounds or $1,300 but that doesn't come with a pen or the keyboard 

So you can have to add an extra 164 the keyboard and if you want the pen and extra 60, or 70 pounds so really there's not a whole lot in it

Keyboard,Speaker and Movement

The surface laptop much better keyboard, much better trackpad the screens little bit bigger there's thinner bezels around the edge So overall I'd say it's a bit of a smarter looking device than the pro and laptops also got better speakers

But on the downside is screen doesn't go back nearly as much as the pro and it wobbles a little bit and it's only has a 7 MP web cameras at 1080P and of course doesn't have any rear camera but whether that's a big deal for you or not, I don't know


So that's the surface laptop moving on to the pro obviously it's a tablet so that is its main advantage you can go to the keyboard and have to buy the keyboard and you can just use it like that wherever you want whether it's in bed or on the train or in the office that is the main advantage 


It is a bit more portable it's smaller tablet It's also slightly higher resolution it's much better for using with the pen because you can push it right back with a stand and it's also the only one of these two come with  

terabyte SSD option if you want once it is not a whole lot in it

They're both fantastic devices i really like both of my wish I could keep both and actually if you're a student you can actually get discounts on both of these the up knock about hundred quid off or something

So this is definitely the best laptops on the market right now and if you want a tablet maybe an iPad compatable but something that you can actually run for Windows 10 on then this is a great option, let me know which one you prefer in comment box