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What Happens If You Charge Your iPhone Overnight ?

What Happens If You Charge Your iPhone Overnight ?

Charging your iPhone overnight I know a ton of people do it I've seen a survey where 85% of people say that they do charge their smartphone overnight

So if you do it let me just show you guys. What are the risks and should you do it or not and ofcourse if you decide to keep on doing it what are the best practices when charging your iPhone overnight and the best practice 

Let's talk about the batteries on the smartphones today now iPhones have lithium ion batteries these are like modern technology ofcourse they're way more aggressive than batteries that we used to have on all the phones

These batteries are very smart so you cannot overcharge these batteries let's just get that out of the way l've seen like posts and maybe videos saying that you can over charge your iPhone that won't happen

These are batteries that have the set capacity you can see it right there under the battery help if the battery maximum capacity is now at 100 but when device gets older it chargers and rechargers will drop

So this battery will charge only to battery capacity that you chose right and you cannot overcharge it even if you leave it on like a day or two it will just go into a state with that is called trickle charge

So once it's reaches 100% of its capacity it will just charge at the rate of its discharge so if your iPhone is plugged in it is ofcourse still using battery at it as it is just like it's turned on and it needs battery 

when it reaches at 100% it will just take that much like power from the cable as it consumes so that's trickle charging and that's the way it goes but ofcourse that's not just harmless that has its involvement

These are the risks and damages we face when charging iPhone overnight

The first of all a bad thing is that your iPhone will stay at 100% charge for a long time so let's say you're asleep for like eight hours maybe you plug in your iPhone to charge it will be full in a two hours and then it will stay at 100% probably for the next five or six hours

Now according to Apple if your iPhone remains at full charge for a long period that will cause decreasing the battery lifespan basically it will decreasing it's maximum capacity and a lot

This thing that you don't want to do now Apple has added this a feature that will help with this problem and it's "Optimize Battery Charging" what this does is that it won't let your iPhone charge at 100%

It will actually just charge it at 80% and then basically with time it will learn when you wake up and it will learn the patterns that you use and basically just a few minutes before you wake up it will charge it from 80 to 100 and that's something you should really do always 

Make sure that you keep optimize battery charging on now things can go wrong if you leave your iPhone charging overnight 

Things you should never do with your iPhone for charging

They are some things that you should never never do one of them is cables never use fake cables especially if you will leave your iPhone charging overnight that might be very risky 

iPhone can give the battery basically can overheat if the cable is fake and ofcourse the charger as well that will cause a lot of problems for your device and if might even just like catching fire some like that

So make sure that you never use a fake cable when charging your iPhone especially when doing it overnight 

Another thing is the temperature now the temperature on your iPhone can raise up really quickly especially if you're on a place where it's really hot or if you leave it on your bed while it's charging overnight or even worse that you should never ever do it under your pillow if your charge your iPhone overnight 

Always make sure that you keep it out of your bed may be on a table on desk somewhere on the side of your bed but never lead somewhere where it's basically on the bed or underneath the pillow cause it get heat up very quickly that will damage the battery and can also be very risky

Now this thing you should never do while charging your iPhone overnight is leaving the screen on that will ofcourse also heat up the battery as your iPhone is consuming a lot of battery and it's charging at the same time or if you leave like Maybe a video playing or something like that that's a huge problem

Those are the things that can go wrong of course and that you might be doing wrong where charging your iPhone overnight have a way to go is always your original cables and tge charger if you don't have the original ones that came with your iPhone

You can buy ones from authorized companies and stuff like that always make sure that you have optimized battery charging enable right there Go to Settings you go under your battery, battery help right there optimize battery charging yu can see right there it will basically reduce battery aging

So if you keep your iPhone charging overnight and it will stay for like five or six hours at 100% that actually damage like basically the lifespan of your battery and the maximum capacity will drop actually faster it says to reduce battery aging iPhone learns your daily charging routine and of course it will wait to finish past 80 percent until you need to use it

That's the statement right there from Apple and it is really important that you keep this on all the time this has been confirmed by Apple 

Your iPhone is the best to charge your iPhone between 40 and 80 percent don't leave it to drop like to drain all the way or just keep it at 100% or like most of the time for T between 40 and 80 that's like the optimum percentages of battery want to have on your iPhone that will increase the lifespan of the battery of your iPhone as you know on your iPhone

When the maximum capacity drops a lot and it will not just like hold less charge and the battery will die faster but it will also impact the performance of your iPhone so again optimize battery charging on if you charge it overnight and make sure that you always use original cables and just keep it outside of your bed 

Frequent charges of your iPhone will be way better than fully charging it overnight it is way better than you charge it lke from let's say 50 to 60 or 70% like three or four times during the day when you have time then leave it to charge all night

Draining it all the way down through the day that is a big No-No and that will decrease the life span of your battery really quickly that of course charging your iPhone during the day frequently charging it will be better for the lifespan and we'll make sure to iPhone will perform better on the long run


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