How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code CE-34697-9

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code CE-34697-9|A Helpful Guide

Hello guys this is everydaytechvams today i want to show you how to fix the PlayStation 4 error code CE-34697-9 this is a cannot initialize PlayStation error message that you may be getting and it's a little bit weird if you want like a even new PlayStation 4 like a used one refurbish one from GameStop, Best Buy Etc

It's possible that because it's use is refurbished whoever sold at or even again like I said the new one it's possible that it could be one of two things either the HDD is completely dry out

That meaning the hard drive not completely but partially or there is a software corruption issue happening

Let's say a certain games, like it's usually bigger games like cod or Star Wars, Battlefront Etc that are crashing you can add delete the game itself and reinstall it and then delete other games as well from your hard drive

This is going to suck but like kind of free up your hard drive put less pressure on it essentially like delete the apps, delete videos, pictures that you may have and try to work from there that I have seen some people kind of give me confirmation that that kind of helps resolve their issue

If for some reason that doesn't work another thing is this may suck if you were able to initially pay the game and not anymore or you downloaded the save file from like the cloud for it delete the saved file for the game so you can go to Source storages and essentially delete the saved data as well

Again like i said the kind of does suck so you can do that as well the other interesting thing is in same data and applications delete anything that says has corrupted so whatever you see over there and you see that it's like oh this is corrupted you want to delete that you don't want any corrupted data essentially in there causing this issue to possibly be incorrect

Another interesting one that i test it out with a couple of people was if you actually go into account management and do restore licenses this does actually end up fixing for some people as well for certain games they are kind of goes away it's either as Hardware or software it's usually leaning towards Hardware but sometimes the software works and you are good to go