How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code SU-35931-1

How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code SU-35931-1

What is up everyone this is everydaytechvams here and today I want to show you how to fix the PlayStation 4 error code SU-35931-1 or updated of system software is partially corrupted

So this kind of error happens when you're trying to like basically update the system software or the system software updated and this error is kind of coming up and you're basically think kind of like what the hell do I do

So basically what you're going to do is this is usually happening due to some like Network instability well basically when it's trying to download It's not accurately being downloaded there's some issues happening from a network error 

It''s not fully accurately downloading so there's a couple of things you can do so first thing is obviously delete the update file that may be downloaded or be currently downloading in the in your notification you'll see it there

You'll see like a download thing there just basically press the options button and essentially just delete it from there once you kind of do that you want to go to the settings and in account management I actually, first before that

You want to go to network and I want you to actually change your Networks taxes so you want to go to set up a network connection preferably if you can make it a lan cable make it but that's basically the ethernet cable if you can if it's Wi-Fi that's fine but preferably do that

Once you're there make sure to do custom for both do automatic for IP and do not specify for DAC for the DNS We're doing manual here and we're going to change Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS is going to be 

Basically going to do next automatic there do not use there and we're going to let it basically test the internet connection Everything Could successfully work you should not see any problems there and you should see a decent internet download and upload speed which is what you want

Once you kind of do those things you actually want to go to Account Management you want to actually insure your primary PlayStation 4 users you want to kind of do that you want to restore your license all over there just to make sure everything's kind of good to go from this perspective

You're like covering all your bases and I've done it like little bit of research that this does end up helping you basically resolve this issue and then you want to essentially basically download the software system update 

So you want to go find system software update find it essentially it if you obviously don't have it he'll tell you but you want to just kind of update it from there if for some reason and you should be good to go. Yeah, that's basically it that is how you fix it overall have any comments ,questions leave them on below comment box 👍