How To Fix PlayStation 5 Error WS-115338-1|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PlayStation 5 Error WS-115338-1|A Helpful Guide

Hello everyone this is everydaytechvams here and today i want to show you how to fix the PlayStation 5 error code WS-115338-1 or Unable to connect to the serve

So this is a server connection error that happened on your PlayStation 5 and I'm going to kind of show you walk you through how to fix this

1. The first thing is you want to go to Settings and you want to go into Networks in there first of all you want to make sure the view PlayStation Network status everything is actually up and running and there's no actual outage happening on the PlayStation Network

2. Once you kind of verify this is kind of good to go what I want you to do is go into Settings do Set up internet connections and actually cause i want you to now first go to your router and restart your router

3. On the back of router you're going to see a however your router is plugged in take it out put it back in after 30 seconds and it'll restart if that doesn't help fix the issue. There's also a reset button on the router itself that i want you to click for like 10 seconds, 5 to 10 seconds and let it reset 

4. This Going to bring the router back to like default settings possibly even update it because it's like resetting it and kind of you should be hopefully good to go from there 

5. A lot of times these errors are usually happen because of your actual router itself and not the PlayStation console oddly enough

6. What you want to do next is If that obviously doesn't fix it is you want to click into the Options menu button on your PlayStation controller and i want you to change the Wi-Fi frequency 

7. Do not have it on automatic try either the 5 gigahertz or 2.4 If your router is obvious enough to say which it should be does change it to five megahertz if not play around with both and see what works

8. If that obviously avails nothing so you want to click it by pressing the X button into the router or wired connection and go to Advanced settings in there you want to change only the DNS settings from Automatic to Manual and you want to change your primary to then your secondary to This is cloudflare DNS which should help kind of alleviate and resolve this issue 

9. You just want to press OK that is the only thing that you're changing is going to connect and then you should be able to like login play games and do all that other fun stuff and you should be good to go