How To Fix PS5 Error CE-108757-8 |A Helpful Illustrated Guide

How To Fix PS5 Error CE-108757-8 |A Helpful Illustrated Guide

This is an application error there was a problem loading the application so this happens to items such as I either games or apps in the media section where if you're trying to let's just say play Final Fantasy or Middle Earth shadow of War. Whatever the case may be in for some reason when trying to open it there's an error

So there's a couple of things that you can do the first and simplest one is this most likely a system software error that you are unaware of and you have to go to settings and you have to go to system software and you want to go to system software update and settings and basically make sure that you are in latest and you have latest system software update

So click into that do update using internet and ensure you have it if you don't have it obviously do the update let it install that restart your PlayStation 5 and then your error should go away

If this error is still persisting and it's happening for certain apps what you want to do is you want to click into the option button there you want to do check for update you want to make sure that the app or application itself Is the latest version update hence why this error could be happening because if it's not going to open up and it's going to crash 

So you might want to kind of look into that and do that as well that's what you gotta do and you are good to go