How To Fix PS5 Error NP-103085-7|PS4 To PS5 Cloud Storage Error

How To Fix PS5 Error NP-103085-7|PS4 To PS5 Cloud Storage Error

What is up everyone this is everydaytechvams here and today I'm going to show you how to fix your PlayStation 5 error NP-103085-7 or you cannot access your PlayStation 4 Cloud saves

So this is an error that says something went wrong and it's a very shocking are because if you're trying to like you want to play some playstation 4 games on your ps5 and you don't want to obviously start from scratch and you have to download the save files upload it to the cloud

Only just you know access them and play them and for some reason sometimes this is not working and a lot of people are getting this error

What you can do to fix this error is there's a couple of things and we're going to kind of go from the first try these to the extreme methods which hopefully we don't have to do 

The first one is you want to actually just straight up restart your PlayStation 5 literally restarted and then try again see if that helps fix the issue 

If for whatever reason that doesn't then reset your router and make sure your kind of good to go over there we want to kind of just make sure there's no issues from that perspective and you're actually kind of good there

You don't have to like worry about I'm accessing your unlike the same cloud files because of that okay once you kind of do that for whatever reason that doesn't get fixed we're going to kind of go into what I've seen kind of works for some people

You want to go to User And Accounts and you want to go to Other and you want to restore licenses some odd reason for some this works for some people when you restore your licenses ends up helping fix that connection issue and you're able to kind of reconnect back into the PlayStation 4 saves or your cloud storage because again it's weird 

It's just a true cloud tirst thing you should be able to kind of connect directly to that so doing this helps now the next thing is you want to go to your PlayStation 4 so just to give you a perspective there 

When you're there you want to make sure that your PlayStation 4 is up to its latest software version update and then be the saved the like the files are actually there 

So for some reason if your console is not to the latest update for some reason it doesn't work I know that sounds weird like you could have sold Your PlayStation 4 for some reason why you canceled and like for some reason it doesn't work you want 

If you still have it I'm sure it's to the latest update and see if you can actually re upload the files back in like is actually connecting there and it's working like I said it's weird i don't know why it does nothing but kind of be cognizant of that and do that if you possibly can

If that doesn't work at all like kind of hope is lost the last thing which is to suck this part what you're going to have to do is you might have to go to system and you will have to essentially reset your PlayStation 5 consoles

You can actually reset it over there and it'll essentially delete everything of your PlayStation 5 console there's a hard reset function as well which is done via the safe mode It doesn't doesn't work let me know I can make another article explaining how to do that piece but this time we might be the final option which you may have to do is kind of essentially fix this issue