8 Signs Your iPhone Might Have A virus And Solution

 8 Signs Your iPhone Might Have A virus And Solution 

Hello guys we are talking about viruses on iPhones, How can it happen? How Will it happen? And, ofcourse, how to deal with it

I know viruses on iPhones is very unlikely to happen but it still can happen and it can happen under certain circumstances which we're going to talk about now and ofcourse I will show you guys how to tell if you might have a virus on your iPhone and how to deal with that 

What you should do to prevent that from happening now first of all we're talking about the types of malware viruses it's you can get on your iPhone

Malicious software that basically install outside of the app store though those are not really secured and you should never do that they might have like stuff codes that are trying to steal data or just send spam

Here we have phishing which is very popular actually it happens a lot and a lot of people have that problem you basically going to different websites you can get like pop-ups asking you to enter your info maybe like your Facebook or social media maybe you're even your Apple ID

They basically just trying to steal your information and you should never do that i will show you guys what to do if you get one of those pop-ups in a second and its data breach which is basically illegal access to your iPhone attempting to steal your data 

There are spam Calender one like the counter one basically install calendar he gets all kinds of different events on your calendar that I will show you how to do that in a second as well to fix

Let's talk about how to tell whether your iPhone has a virus or Not basically there are a few signs that might indicate that your iPhone might be infected by malware or data breach of we just calling them viruses even though it's maybe not the right word to use for this kind of spam and basically malware that can get on your iPhone

If you're jailbroken your iPhone you should always just install tweaks and themes from official sources the cracked ones are very dangerous and you should be very worried

if you have done that in the past 

Those can be like different malware that actually will affect your iPhone

These Are The 8 Signs That Indicate Your iPhone Have Virus 

1. Unknown Devices In Apple ID

First of all what you need to do is go to your Settings and once you go to your settings make sure you go to Apple ID 

Right there you will see a list of devices these are your devices that are connected to your Apple ID 

If you see there an unknown device then that's a red flag and you should be very very worried 

Now what you need to do is go ahead and tap on that device that you don't know and it is on the list on your Apple ID there and what you gotta do just go ahead remove it from the account and make sure you go ahead and right away change the password to your Apple ID

That's the first sign you should always be very worried because that happens and always take these steps to remove the device and make sure you change the passcode

2. Automatic Installing Unknown Apps

If you see any apps that you don't remember installing on your iPhone let's go ahead go through a device see the list of apps you have maybe even go right underneath Library and just go through the list there and see if you have any apps that you actually don't remember installing on your device and uninstall if you find one

3. Sudden Spike In Cellular Data Usage

If just see a sudden Spike on cellular data used and that's a red flag make sure you go to your Settings you go to your Cellular Data and right there you will see basically the usage of cellular data on your iPhone 

If you will notice Spike there something is happening and of course that red flag that means there's maybe malicious software or someone is trying to do something on your device

Make sure always check on your cellular data and see if the usage is normal as always though of course other signs that you might just like not worry about them not pay attention to them

But they are very meaningful one of them cause crashing all the time you can have that and that's a problem

4. Overheating 

If your iPhone is overheating without a reason when you plug it in to charge and it's a fast charging it will heat a bit or if you're like doing any habit tasks and go like right around video or playing a game it will keep it up heating

But it's heating up that randomly without any reason and that's a red flag as well 

5. Battery Drain

If you have battery drains without doing anything it's a clear sign all right I don't like if you have newer iPhone which of course has good battery life and has good battery health then battery want to actually just drive for no reason tat's also a red flag and should were you something like this is happening to iPhone

First of all jailbreaking I will never say don't jailbreak your device I've done it in the past years I've done it all the time since they that I have an iPhone

The first thing I did is what was Jailbreak it and of course it's not risky as long as you just install stuff from the official sources 

The next one if you see devices on your list as I told you just remove them change the passcode, you can see any unknown apps on your device make sure immediately delete them, installing unknown app immediately delete that app from your device

Never install apps outside of the App Store like these alternative app stores and maybe offer apps for free and stuff like that make sure you don't do that that's risky as well

6. Using Old Version System Software

Aways make sure you update your device to the latest iOS version and will always Is just drinks update security fixes and always all that stuff is fixed. So make sure you always have your device updated to the latest iOS version. Now, of course, the easiest way to do that, you go to General. Go to software update, go here and just enable both of these and you will have your updates coming automatically without you having to worry about that

7. Phishing Through Websites 

If you're basically someone is just trying to phishing you with Safari than what you should do is you go to Safari any websites maybe like a shade website something like that you get a pop-up then enter maybe your Apple ID or stuff like that or one of your social media accounts

What you should do is immediately make sure you close out Safari and you go settings and just make sure you clear all the history and website data Safari and you should be good to go

8. Spam Calender

Another thing if you have the virus on your calendar which is basically the spam calendar is that everyone is getting nowadays

What you should do is basically go through the calendar and if you see one of those events that has been added by that spam all you gotta do is just tap on the event to remove it or just tap on calendars right there

It will show you all the calendars that you have now what you should do is go ahead and tap the I button right there and tap on delete or unsubscribe from calendar whichever you see there and of course you will be able to actually remove that from your device that will be very, very easy 

Or you can do that by going to settings and just go under the calendar settings right there go to your account and you should see that account right there which has added that calendar to your device you go ahead and remove that from your device

This is how you can tell whether you should have malware, viruses, spam, anything you want to call it on your iPhone or not of course how to prevent that from happening and what you should do if you think your device has been infected with malwar


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