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Beats Studio Buds Vs Apple Airpods Pro|Which One To Choose

Beats Studio Buds Vs Apple Airpods Pro|Which One To Choose

Today we are comparing these brand new Beats Studio Buds and Apple's Airpods Pro 

Let's talk about kind of what the differences are why you should maybe lean one way or the other let's go ahead and compare beats studio buds against Airpods Pro

1. Design Difference

Beats Studio buds they're pretty cool there are a few big differences to get out of the way right at the beginning in terms of design so they grabbed the Airpods Pro up 

When you look at these buds side by side, the Beats Studio buds they're a little bit bigger than Apple Airpods Pro the case is just larger it is thicker but otherwise it's not all that dissimilar

They keep kind of the gene same kind of like y shape that Airpods Pro it just kind of a very similar-looking case Airpods Pro after what you did to make design changes that I think is important which their button on the back of the Airods Pro, you know to use this to reset and paired all those kind of things is all at the back

Whereas on the Beats Studio buds it's actually inside which I think makes a lot more sense because when you go to put a case on this if you put a case on your Airpods or beats but on their Airpods Pro it's blocked

In case manufacturers have to come take that into account it's more obnoxious at the back there so I think it makes more sense on the Beats Studio buds to have that on the inside of

2. Battery Life 

The design changes around the case while Beats Studio is bigger it actually has very similar battery life to the Airpods Pro so these fellows are going to get you four and a half hours of use with ANC turned on and about 5 hours if you turn off ANC and Transparency mode

With the case you're going to get more than 24 hours combined usage time versus the Beats Studio buds these are offering up about five hours I think with ANC or transparency mode turned on if you turn that off you can get up to 8 hours on a single charge and going either you get up to 24 hours total usage

And so with ANC turned out there's not a huge difference in better live there but Airpods Pro should have kind of an advantage of a long term because that plus more than 24 hours combined with the case though if you have ANC and Transparency off 

Then the Beats Studio buds will win because then you have up to eight hours on that single charge as far as powering them up 

Apple is using lighting on the Airods Pro right there at the bottom and also has wireless charging to set this down on any wireless charger in charge that way including a magsafe puck

When you look at the Beats Studio buds there is no wireless charging so there's no wireless option your only option is there at the bottom which is USB C So why did Apple go with you is USB C version lighting 

The biggest difference is the Airpods Pro they're really Flagship to for apple users and apple products where beats brand is more platform-agnostic well, Apple does have benefits on its own platforms here, these are really marketed just around to anybody who wants a cool earbuds 

So Android users especially a lot of them love these products and they're great products so because they're more Universal they're not kind of thinking that everyone's going to have a lighting cable

So when they're going for more universal audience there that's why these support USB C where the Airpods Pro they all stick to lighting 

Both of these have the same ipx4 water and sweat resistant so you're not going to get any additional exports benefits from either one of these same thing there and colors 

Apples Airpods Pro only come in white whereas if you look at the Beats Studio buds these guys come in three different colors use the black that we have there but they also come in white and red

If you're looking for more pop color and you're tired of apples white then go with these guys they of course the design of the fudge is also entirely different 

Apples sticking with their very tried and true look with the Airpods programming they look like airpods they look like apples earbuds they look at like all the apples earbuds pretty much the same and they just keep that design

That's what you're going with where's that needs to be a buds they look a little different like they're more like a traditional here but I think a little bit smaller maybe an overall volume but they look like a traditional wireless earbuds and of course they have that Beats logo there on the outside so everyone knows that you're rocking

3. Active Noise Cancellation

If we're just looking at a line item both of these offer the same effect of ANC so they both have active noise cancellation where they listen to the outside noise and they put some anti sound on the inside to lockout cancel out that external noise has been funneled into your ear giving you that effect of noise cancellation

They can both do that they also both have transparency mode so you can hear what's going on around you it's a very good for if you're driving with your ear buds and or just walking down the street and you want to be aware of your surroundings

So both of these have transparency mode in terms of performance on that there's a couple differences the're Airpods Pro they actually have an inward facing microphone which has benefits for audio they will talk about 

In this case for ANC because they can actually hear how the sound is coming into your ear and how the noise cancellation is affecting it and they can adjust on the fly to make sure that the noise cancellation isn't spring with the audio and you're getting the best amount of noise cancellation possible 

The Beats Studio they don't offer that same level of performance there's no inward facing microphone on these guys so they do a good job in terms of transparency mode and ANC in fact for their price point

I think their noise-canceling is outstanding but comparing to Airpods Pro Beats Sound a lot better they do a better job with NZ and special transparency mode Part of it i think is that inward facing microphone and part of it is the seal 

Just due to the design changes between the two my Airpods Pro fit better than the Studio Buds do even with the replaceable silicone tips they don't fit in quite as much as the Airpods Pro and they are very tight fit in ear not tight to hurt but just a right block out all that external kind of with called Passive Noise Cancellation 

Essentially where's the studio buds too the little more area this is not quite a good of seal and therefore I don't think the ANC and transparency is quite as effective as it is on the Airpods Pro let alone the improved drivers which brings us to audio

4. Audio

The best way I can describe the audio here is that the Beats Studio buds sound very similar to your standard airpods but beats studio buds not nearly as good as the Airpods pro

Now don't take that as you know crapping on the beach to you but for audio performance they're not trying to compete at performed but the price is $150 you know more than $100 less than the Airpods Pro

So it's not a surprise that these both not sound as good otherwise I would describe it, these sound a little more hollow than the Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro sound richer and fuller like it just a more cohesive piece of audio It just sounds more vibrant as you're listening to it which can partially be attributed to the knot as tight seal that I've experienced and many others have reported as well

So I think that is part of it, It's all just the drivers are as powerful they could be repurposing you know airpods drivers or the other beats drivers they already had and not boosting them up as much like the airpods pro 

Again they're not directly trying to emulate the airpods pro audio quality so it makes sense that it's not quite as good it does have a good amount of bass though I do give them claps for that it is better like the X and fours and the metric, dynamic and the quiet comfort from Bose

But again those are all the more premium products for the price point I am very happy with both the audio quality as well as noise cancellation

5. Spatial Audio

We've also got a chitchat about spatial audio really cool feature and fortunately both sets of these earbuds feature spatial audio

That's right, Apple airpods Pro offer spatial audio and so do the Beats Studio buds but there is a different here I think it is important for people to know

So spatial audio is just the general gist of it is where it sounds like sound is coming from all around you It can come in from in front of you behind you to your left and your right above you, like literally 3D space of audio around you

So if you're watching a video and you got like Dolby Atmos audio app it literally sounds like it's coming from around you and it's very cool

Apple offers spatial audio for Apple music tracks now they're thousand the track in apple music that supports spatial audio and it's incredibly effective and very much sold on spatial audio

There's a huge deal that both airpods Pro and Beat Studio both offer spatial audio the difference is that the airpods Pro have things like gyroscopes and accelerometers on them to know where your head is where is the Beats Studio Buds does not have those sensors, because of that you don't have head tracking with the buds.

So if I'm watching a video on my iPad, iMac, iPhone, and the character talking in front of me and I turn my head, it still sounds like it's coming from over there, like my head is facing this way but the audio is still over there, where the video is that's where the audio source is coming from

So the airpods are able to end with it and tracked a new that audio to the side as your head moves or if I move my phone around the audio moves with it, it's really cool

If you haven't been able to try it you absolutely should try to get the chance to do so but you don't have have that feature with Beats Studio buds now that spatial audio with head tracking will even work with Apple TV

This fall with TOS, 15 apples actually using the accelerometers in these headphones to know when you're sitting on the couch and watching the TV when knows you're watching that TV with a movie or whatever with Dolby Atmos

It'll start tracking your head and as you move your head around it'll keep it audio coming in front of you. It's seriously so cool feature and you just don't get it with a Beat Studio Buds on the biggest differences between these two guys

6. On Paper They Look Similar

We're looking at line items on a bulleted list these two sets of earbuds look really similar mean they both features you know very similar case designs

They both are essentially coming from Apple, they both offer a and c and transparency mode, they both have similar battery light stuff like they all look very similar but when you start to look at the details there's a difference

The audio quality, Airpods Pro is just for sure better it's just sounding better, transparency mode, road better noise, canceling richer sound, they're just overall more impressive set of earbuds

You know spatial audio we just talked about it they both offer spatial audio but the airpods Pro off of that head track needs to go a little bit further more premium

Apple once says, Airpods Pro are using an H1 chip whereas the beat studio they're not, they're using their own, Yes, do proprietary chip but it's not the H1 chip still uses glass when audio for incredible range and all of that

But just a little beneficial here for earbuds Pro it even enables an automatic device switching whether you're going for your iPhone to your iPad, to your Mac, to your Apple TV

All they can automatically switch with Airpods Pro or you can toggle it off if you don't like it but it is an option, so like another benefit here it also has that in ear microphone which is beneficial for transparency mode and A and C

But also for the audio quality it's able to tune the audio to your ears It can hear the music in your ear as you listen to it and it'll adjust the audio

The EQ on the Fly for your specific ear to make sure you hear the audio as it was meant to be heard it's a very cool but subtle feature that doesn't get enough credit like it's those things that are separating the Airpods Pro out from the Beats Studio Buds

So let's lay it all on the bottom line, Why are the Airpods Pro priced it to 50 and the Beats Studio buds are priced at 150 What are the differences?

7. Why Apple Airpodes Pro So Much More Expensive 

Just bottom-line it, so first can be in your detection these can automatically start and stop whenever you put the ear buds in or out of your ears

These don't do that they'll just continue to play until you stop it or otherwise Airpods Pro offer better sounding audio better sounding A and C they offer wireless charging

They have spatial audio with the head tracking and the offer automatic device switching, those I'd say are the biggest benefits to Airpods Pro

The good thing about all of that is It makes the Beats Studio Buds an Incredibly tempting proposition if you don't care about, there's like little details then the big junior butcher, an incredible option, they have such a great case

They have better battery life with ANC turned off and actually come in colors like black and red for most people out there I can obviously bid Studio Buds as the better option to go with

Well, these are incredibly cool set of earbuds and I would prefer them if you don't want to spend that extra hundred dollars, you're not going to really be that disappointed at all

On the Beats Studio Buds you're getting like almost everything from Airpods Pro and $150 price point especially if you're comparing against regular airpods that don't offer a and c and they're still priced at like a hundred and sixty bucks

So between those two I would lean towards the Beats Studio Buds and the regular airpods they're just hands down, why do not both of them offer wireless charging like these for sure for the win

But I want to know what you guys think I will hear you guys out, What you guys think of Airpods Pro Vs of the Beats Studio Buds? Let me know over and leave comments below


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