How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code SU-41766-4|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix The PlayStation 4 Error Code SU-41766-4|A Helpful Guide

This is a weird error that happens because it's like a network issue error that's happening and I've had to play around a little bit for this one's kind of come to a resolution and what to do

1. So let's get right into this so the first thing is you actually want to kind of log out of your PSN and remove the account if applicable

2. So if you can make like a guest account if you have to just basically remove your PSN account out of your system so you're basically gonna have this from settings,account management remove it from there

3. Now then kind of re put it back in and try to log in but before you even do that you want to actually go to "Networks" you want to do set up internet connections and again this is happening because it's a weird Network issue and it's not letting you log into the PSN it's not a Hardware issue,this is not logical for my perspective because if you're able to because people haven't actually able to use the internet with this error

4. So we you actually not being able to use the network itself so one of the few fixes I've found is if you can possibly use an ethernet cable use that versus a Wi-Fi connection if you can't that's fine we're going to still try to work around

5. It is you want to go to when you setting up the entire collection one do custom and you don't want to do basically easy you want to keep the IP address automatically want to keep the DHS DHCP Name Automatic

6. You want set up DNs this one manual know you want to actually change your primary DND to and your Secondary DNS to this is one of the few settings that actually helps of fixing this issue you want to keep em was automatic and you want to keep processing 

7. Once you do this you're going to basically set up the internet connection and the kind of in a good spot from there you'll actually be able to connect it, It might even say places that were signed in if you are already signed in if not try to sign off completely first like take it off your PS4 and then try to re put it back in once again

8. Once you do this go to your Account Management and kind of take it from there sign out, remove it from your account login to the guests if you have to make a brand new account and log back in this it's  kind of suck you might have to like do a little bit of maneuvering around that but this ends up helping fixing this issue and you should be kind of good to go from there