How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error NP-31734-8|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error NP-31734-8|A Helpful Guide

What is up everyone this is Everydaytechvams I'm going to show you how to fix the PlayStation 4 Error Code NP-31734-8 

So this is a weird error code where it kind if renders your PlayStation 4 for useless you can't basically play games,you can't restore your licenses,Specifically you can't restore your licenses which is the issues causing you to be not be able to play a game one of the issues

If you like kind of get a general sense of what Sony thinks is it,it says system certain like update is happening or system is going through some update Etc

You Can Fix PS4 Error Code NP-31734-8 By:

1. The first thing is you want to make sure your system software is updated to the latest software version as of right now so be sure to have the latest version installed 

2. You may think because the PS5 is out it might not to be updating any more they are still so be sure to have the latest software version updated

3. The next is we're going to go to "Network" and in there we're going to do set up Internet connection and if we are going to change from Wi-Fi to the Lan Cable that would be significantly probable if not that's fine 

4. Now we're going to do Custom not easy going to do IP Automatic you are not going to specify over there we're going to make the DNS manual over here you are going to change the primary DNS to and the Secondary to 

5. Now we're basically going to change that out The MTU settings were going to keep this Automatic and we're not going to use proxies 

6. You have to test the internet connection out then going to basically let it all run through you're going to see is going to be successful is going to be great It's gonna work and we're going to kind of move on from there

7. Once you kind of do that you want to go to the back to Account Management and then try to restore your licenses and then you should see you may restart your PS4. If you want to give that a shot before trying this but you can't go directly here as well

8. You're going to try to restore licensees all the license orders are been going to restore that are should not be coming up any more and you should be good to go. So yeah that's basically how you fix this error.


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