How To Fix PS4 Share Play Errors And Connections Issues|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PS4 Share Play Errors And Connections Issues|A Helpful Guide

What is up everyone this is Everydaytechvams here i'm going to show you how to ensure your share play with your friends does not lag or get disconnected or other some weird errors don't pop up when you're basically trying to share a game with your friend

So this is there's a couple of weird things that can happen I have articles on some of the errors but this is more like a general one to ensure you are both basically able to kind of just connect and use the game

The first thing is the main thing that we're going to do is we're actually going to go to parties so this is obviously you share play with your friend and you might actually not know

When you're in there you actually want to click into the options button and click into Party Settings this is probably something you've never looked at and say it was something I never even looked at until you had to like run into this issue

You can find PS4 Share Play Errors And Connections Issues by:

1. There's two things that we're going to basically look at over there,there's something specifically called Video quality for SharePoint in there two items Resolution and Frame Rate for resolution

2. You actually want to make sure you have standard and the for Framerate you want to make sure both of these are standard majority of the times the errors or the issues that happen when you are trying to do share play is because your internet connection sucks

3. It will even tell you to do standard see set the resolution of video that you sent to visitors try standard If video or audio Skips a lot of the times the errors happen or the breakage or the lag is because of that you or your friend may have a crappy internet connection

4. This helps basically i don't know the quality if it pushes his down to 720 or 480 but this will make it at least stable enough for you for It's not look like a potato you'll able to run the game, you'll be able to share to the game and you guys will both be able to like on a check it out and be fine from there

5. You can even see like it gives you like try High when you have a fast connection However, if you select High then you cannot record the gameplay like it again this PlayStation four the five there's still like some limitations

6. I guess all of the capabilities of the console which kind of suck but that Just giving you a perspective but if you do these settings change this simple tweak you should be good to go

7. You should not be getting any more share play issues and you should be a job if you guys are still getting errors let me know in the comment section below I'm more than happy to help you guys out

If you're going to a specific area cod especially at, let me know in the comment section below if I haven't resolved I in my site already I will figure out a way and resolve it